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Taywan Taylor Salary, Girlfriend (Height, Weight) Age, Net Worth, Wife Info
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Taywan Taylor, the name should be familiar to you if you are an American Football fan. He has been playing since his early days. But, the most remarkable turn in his career is being signed for Cleveland Browns in 2019.

Before Browns, he used to play for Tennessee Titans. He plays in the position of wide receiver.

Cleveland Browns’s Taywan Taylor Salary: $773,500 Dollars

Professionally, Taywan started his career in National Football League, NFL in 2017. Since then, he has proved himself as a skillful player. In this time, he has earned a decent sum and is continuing to do so.

In 2017, when he signed the contract with Tennessee Titans, he received $465,000 as his base salary. For his 4 year contract, the amount was $3,681,012 with a signing bonus of $916,012 and an average salary of $920,253.

This year, Tennessee Titans traded Taywan with Cleveland Browns. Therefore, he is going to play for the Cleveland Browns with a base salary of $773,500. In fact, he is at no. 113 in most paid wide receivers in the NFL. In the years to come, his earnings seem only to be increasing.

Who is Taywan Taylor dating? His Partner/Girlfriend /Wife


Taywan is a family man. He never fails to show his love for his family, whether it is for his mother or his baby’s mother.

Taywan is with a woman named, Jordan Morgan. It’s mysterious whether she is girlfriend partner or wife.

Also, they have two kids together. However, the internet has no record of their marriage yet.

So, there are no other details on his family members on the internet.

Taywan’s Height: 5 ft 11 in, Weight: 92 Kg

Taylor is a tall Black American. He is approximately 5’11’’ tall. This height has definitely helped him in achieving things in his game. He weighs around 92 kg which is203 lbs.

How old is Taywan? His Age and Birthday

Taywan was born on March 2, 1995, in Louisville, Kentucky. Currently, he is 24 years old and is a father of two.

His wife also must be almost similar to his age. Her birthday is on July 11.

Taywan Taylor Net Worth: $2.01 Million

After just playing two seasons at NFL, he has already earned around $2.01 Million. With more games to play and more money to earn, he must have a net worth in Millions already.

Moreover, if he continues to play and show his potential, he is sure to earn more in the future.

Social Media Presence

Taywan is on Twitter as @silentgrind2. He has more than 15000 followers there. In addition to this, he also uses Instagram with over 29,000 followers.

More about Taywan

For his college, he attended Western Kentucky in 2013. He played football at his college and set numbers of records. This 24-year-old was known for making and breaking his own record in the college. He received his graduation in Elementary Education in May 2017.

Thereafter, his career as a footballer started. He got the opportunity of playing for Tennessee Titans in the year 2017. The contract with this team opened many doors of opportunities for him. After playing with this team for 2 years, Tennessee Titans traded him with Cleveland Browns recently. He was traded 31st August.

The team has a very high expectation from him as he has proved himself time and again. Furthermore, this trade to Browns is a dream come true for Taywan.