Taylor Tomasi Hill | Biography

Widely renowned for being a style icon, Taylor Tomasi Hill is the accessories and style director of international fashion magazine Marie Claire. The American beauty is often referred as a Clothing Chameleon for her constantly changing styles. Taylor has the ability to make perfect out of anything and she is just unbeatable no matter what clothes, hairstyle or make-up she puts on. Born in the year 1979, Taylor is around 35 years old, yet as youthful as she was during her 20s.

It is not exactly known where Taylor was born and to whom but she was raised in Dallas by her parents who owned a children’s accessories store in Dallas. Originally born as Taylor Tomasi, she earned Hill as her last name after getting married to industrial designer Jonathan Hill, affectionately known as Chase. Their wedding was held on 17th May, 2008, which was managed by Todd Event Design. Nothing in the event was overly done, neither the decoration nor the foods. Every small detail was supervised by the experts making them simply beautiful. The perfect wedding ceremony became a memorable moment for the couple who were in love for over a decade before their marriage. The two knew each other from the time they were in high school. They attended same high school but Chase was a year senior to Taylor. Upon graduating from high school, Chase joined Pratt Institute and Taylor followed his step after her graduation. It was after nearly 10 years from this point when Chase put forward a marriage proposal to Taylor in a cab on its way to their home.

 Taylor is definitely the one with an excellent taste of fashion. One of the factors that made her fashion sense so matured is the environment she grew up in. As a child she spent more of her time in the store her owned by her fashion oriented parents. She was in Dallas from around 1984 to 1993 and within these years she learnt many things about fashion. Although she was highly influenced by fashion since her childhood, she never intended to study fashion. She was partly involved in photography since she was in high school. After completion of her high school education, she initially joined the university as a Photography student. Later she received her graduation degree in Industrial Design. After completion of her studies, Taylor started working as an intern at the W Magazine. She worked there for about 3-5 years after which she joined the Teen Vogue as its Senior Fashion Editor. Working at the W Magazine and then at the Teen Vogue helped her in making a strong career base with hands full of experiences. These experiences made her capable enough to become the Style and Accessories Director of the Marie Claire. Recently, she has left Marie Claire in order to join Moda Operandi, one of the leading online shopping destinations that allow us to buy designer/luxury fashion wears by Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Vivienne Westwood, Balmain, and many more.

The Clothing Chameleon, Taylor can be seen changing her jobs frequently. Taylor showed her interest in leaving jobs at Teen Vogue and Marie Claire too because of her ever-learning attitude. In an interview, she shared that she is always looking forward to learn new things and does not want to restrict her work experiences and knowledge. So whenever she finds a right career building opportunity, she grabs it.

Taylor is one of the rising names in fashion industry. Best known as the Accessories and Style Director of Marie Claire, she has also made notable contributions at the W Magazine and Teen Vogue. With her jaunty personality she has impressed quite a lot of people and become a role model in their life.