How Much Does Tatiana Woollaston Earn? 

Besides her base salary, Tatiana Woollaston charges $200 as a per-match fee. Similarly, she gets paid $1,000 while refereeing for tournaments. 

Further, she earns $500 as sponsorship earnings.

The generous pay she gets is the result of the experience she has had for a decade. 

After getting qualified as a Class 3 snooker referee, her career became stiffer when she refereed the European Individual Snooker Championship held in Bucharest, Romania, in May 2010. 

Snooker Referee Tatiana Woollaston Salary

As of 2021, her base salary is $20,000. The unequal pay distribution based on gender still has it's root in Snooker.

Continuing with her experiences, in August 2010, she made her ranking tournament debut at European Players Tour Championships event one in Furth, Germany. 

And subsequently, in 2010, she became the first referee from Eastern Europe to officiate at a world-ranking snooker semi-final at the Euro Players Tour Championship event.

Tatiana Woollaston Husband 

Tatiana is married to her long-time husband Ben Woolaston, a professional English snooker player since June 2011. After dating for ten months, the couple got married in Pinsk, and, following the event, the Belarusian Referee moved to Leicester, England. 

Two of them now lead a happy family with their two adorable sons.


Their social media is full of pictures of them and their two boys. Even after a decade, the love between the couple seems unblemished. 

Explore Tatiana Woollaston Net Worth: How Rich Is She? on the Internet claims that Tatiana has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million. 

The prime source of her earning is through snooker matches and tournaments. 

Born on 8 November 1986, in Pinsk, Byelorussian SSR, Soviet Union, 35-year-old Tatiana has enough room to explore her net worth. 

Further, visit her Instagram account under the username tatiana_woollaston with almost 300 followers.