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1999 born Tallia Storm, soon after a lucky call from singer Sir Elton John has become one of the most aspiring up and comer in the music industry. A teenager from Strilingshire, in 2012 Tallia played in front of a massive crowd opening for Sir Elton at the age of thirteen. She is already a music sensation in Scotland and aims to take the whole world by storm very soon.

Thirteen year old Tallia Storm left a well written letter and a CD with David Furnish and later miraculously received a phone call that would be the most important phone call of her life yet. The call was from the British musician Sir Elton John. Tallia then opened for Elton John at his concert the same year. She is now a blooming singer and songwriter with great potential to be a global superstar. Tallia was born in Stirlingshire where she was raised with two younger brothers and an elder sister. Her dad Sascha Storm is a producer and pianist who inspired Tallia to listed to jazz.

On June 10, 2012, young Tallia Storm performed in front of hundreds of Sir Elton John fans at his Scotland concert. The twenty minute performance on stage was all that was needed for her to become one of the most talked about singers in Scotland. She quickly became known as the Tiny Chancer on tabloids and newspaper editorials. Almost six months prior to this breakout live performance, she had gathered up the courage to approach David Furnish with her music who got his partner, Sir Elton John, to listen to the CD. Since the initial success, Tallia has gone to perform at several events across the United Kingdom living out her wildest dreams. She had also caught the attention of the audience of the London Fashion Week when she performed in 2011. She was also invited to perform at the Scottish Fashion Awards on June 11, 2012. In addition to her soulful lyrics and mesmerizing voice, her fans are also attracted towards her because of her iconic hair style and unusual sense of fashion. She grew up listening to jazz legends like Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne, Dinah Washington, Billie Holiday and Sarah Vaughan and has always looked upon these stars as inspiration for her own music. She mixes her jazz instincts with a selected range of contemporary artists like Jill Scott, Amy Winehouse, Frank Ocean and John Legend. She has been featured in radio shows and fashion magazines several times now and has an ever growing audience in the United States. She has been acknowledged as a teen icon in music and fashion. She gave an excellent performance at the after party of Teen Choice Awards and has spoken and performed at TEDxTeen. Following her local stardom, she was approached by Virgin Records for a record deal in 2014. She is looking forward to release a record and already has several potential songs up her sleeve. She was chosen as the BBC Introducing Artist of the Week in 2014.

The soon to be music luminary lives a normal life when she’s not on stage performing for thousands of people. Tallia manages to balance her school life at Balfron High School with the celebrity status that she has gotten. She is definitely to be admired for her talent and sense of style. Her cleverly written articles appear regularly on popular website Huffington Post Teen which get numerous hits.

Sharing her music with the world has always been a core ambition for breakthrough artist Tallia Storm. She has been blessed to have the chance to sing for so many crowds and inspire young artists like her along the way with her music as well as her life story. This young Scottish singer is definitely on the high road to global stardom.