Talitha Bateman Boyfriend, Family, Net Worth, Height, Age, Bio

Talitha Bateman is not a stranger to a fan of horror sequel ‘Annabelle: Creation‘. However, some others may recognize her from the ‘Hart of Dixie‘, and ‘Love, Simmon’,

Talitha Bateman is an American actress who emerged from her childhood roles. At a very young age, she already has a lot of experience in the field.

Commencing her career in 2012 at the age of 11 seems like she has forever been in Hollywood.

There are no doubts regarding her acting skills and talent. Besides, she has some exciting personal life to watch out.

Here, you will know all the possible details of her professional and personal subjects.

Talitha Bateman is single as of 2019

It may be a matter of surprise but the gorgeous actress is single as of 2019. She has not found someone who could sync with her heartbeat yet.

It may due to the fact that she is just walking through her adolescence. Nonetheless, there are many years for her to experience the ups and downs in a relationship.

Similarly, there are no records suggesting her past relationships. She may have some crush or fell for someone during her high school days but she has not revealed it.

Talitha is the second youngest of 8 children – her family and Bio


Talitha Bateman may be single in her relationship status. But she has a large family babysitting her through her career.

Born on September 4, 2001, she is the youngest child of Jonella Bateman and Tim Bateman. The couple had 8 children together. In fact, Talitha Bateman is the youngest among the 8.

Her siblings Leah, Judah, Noah, Aleq, Hannah, and Justin are all artists. Leah Bateman, Justin Bateman, and Noah Bateman are popular actors beside her.

Similarly, her younger brother Gabriel Bateman is also following into her footsteps. All the Bateman children were homeschooled.

Although, she did attend the acting classes since her childhood days.

Talitha Bateman officially debuts in the industry in 2012. Her IMDb profile has altogether 25 acting credits.

Some of her most notable works include ‘Hart of Dixie‘, ‘Annabelle: Creation’, and ‘Love Simon’. Moreover, she has also featured in ‘Away’, ‘Geostorm’, and ‘The 5th Wave’.

Besides, she has made her mark in the Tv series alongside her extraordinary film career. The young prodigy has a bright future in Hollywood.

Talitha has an impressive net worth $2 million

Talitha Bateman has established a loyal fan base for herself. Besides her fame, she has also managed to earn some hefty sum of money for herself.

According to wikisceleb.com, Talitha Bateman has accumulated a net worth of $2 million as of 2019. The sum merely matches with her achievements.

In fact, her next couple of decades can be the breakthrough to multiply the amount.

Height: 1.57 m

The physique of an actress has to stand out alongside the acting skills. Similarly, the young Talitha Bateman also has decent height for her age.

As per heightline.com, Talitha Bateman is 5 feet and 2 inches tall. 1.57 meters is a decent height for someone who is not even 20 years old yet.

Talitha Bateman’s Age: 18 years old

Born in the year 2001, Talitha Bateman is 18 years old as o 2019. Despite the tender number, she is already an influential actress in Hollywood.

Starting from a very young age, she has adapted well into the pressure of being a celebrity.

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