Talia Lavin Wiki, Age, Bio, Twitter, Tattoo, Married, Husband, Instagram

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Talia Lavin

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If you have heard the recent news, you must have heard of Talia Lavin. Lately, she has been hitting the spotlight for not so good reason.

And, you may feel sorry for her. But, that is just the way it is. If you do not know about her yet, don’t worry, because we are here to tell you.

To begin with, she used to work as an extremism researcher for Media Matters for America. But, sadly, that did not last for long. And, you will soon find out the reason behind it.

Before her downfall, she was popular as a political journalist. And, in the year 2015 to 2018, she worked as a fact-checker for The New Yorker.

Talia Lavin Wiki

Talia Lavin had it all made. Wiki reports, She was a young political journalist who had been doing quite a good job.

Before her rise in journalism, Talia graduated from Harvard University in the year 2012. She earned a degree in comparative literature.

After that, she got the opportunity of a Fulbright Scholar Fellowship. As a result, she got to study in Ukraine.

Moreover, she worked as a freelance writer for the Washington Post and Lilith Magazine.

Talia Lavin Age: 30 years old

Talia Lavin started her career quite early. So, talking about her age, she was born on the 4th of September in the year 1989. Hence, that makes her 30 years of age.

And, her zodiac sign is Virgo. Moreover, she was born and brought up in the United States.

Talia Lavin Bio

Talia Lavin is a journalist who also worked as s freelance writer in her earlier years. She has been associated with renowned organizations.

Likewise, she is 30 years of age as of now. And, she can speak four languages. They are Russian, English, Hebrew and Ukranian.

Similarly, she has an impressive qualification as well. She graduated from Harvard University in the year 2012. And, she also studied in Ukraine after winning a Fulbright Scholar fellowship.

Talia Lavin’s Twitter

Talia Lavin got into a deep mess on Twitter. After which, she has been paying heavily. It began when she falsely accused an ICE agent.

On Twitter, she shared multiple photos to show that he had a Nazi tattoo. But, it turned out that she was wrong.

In fact, it was a Maltese Cross tattoo. So, she jumped into the conclusion without proper judgment. In this way, she made a mistake that a person in her position cannot afford to make.

Talia Lavin’s Tattoo

Talia’s downfall began when she wrongly analyzed a tattoo of Justin Gaertner. He a combat-wounded war veteran who had a tattoo of a Maltese Cross.

But, Talia concluded that it, in fact, was an Iron Cross. Fortunately, her grave mistake was corrected promptly.

After that incident, she had to resign from her post.

Is Talia Lavin Married? Her Husband

There are no known personal details of Talia Lavin. However, according to one of her articles, she revealed that she got divorced.

Lavin has not disclosed anything about her married life or ex-husband at all. So, there is a lack of info on his name and what he does.

She has her Instagram Profile

Talia Lavin is also on Instagram. Until now, she has 186 followers. And, she has 27 posts as of yet.

She has mainly shared photos of herself, friends and family members.