Suzette Gresham on being a Chef

Gresham's illustrious career has been made possible not just by her grit, but also by her eagerness to learn.

Even now, the chef is always looking for new ways to make dishes, interact with her customers, and enhance her profession.


Gresham's Age

Suzette Gresham is originally from San Carlos in California and appears to be between the age of 50 and 60.

The restaurateur, on the other hand, has not revealed her true age on the internet.

Suzette Gresham Wikipedia

The pro chef Suzette does have a Wikipedia profile for her bio.

We can gather details about her work career on that Wikipedia page.

In 1988, front of house manager Giancarlo Paterlini engaged Suzette Gresham to work as head chef at The Donatello, a hotel in San Francisco, California. Gresham had previously worked for United Airlines and this was his first head chef position.

The hire caught the kitchen staff off guard on her first day at the hotel, as they assumed she was the pastry chef because she was a woman. However, once they saw her work, she found them to be respectful.

Gresham frequently challenges her chefs to learn something new outside of their comfort zone to broaden their horizons. She inquires about what they want to learn and how they intend to pursue that schooling.

Gresham's Awards & Achievements 

Gresham was one of only three female cooks in the United States to earn two Michelin stars. Acquarello received its first Michelin star in 2007 and a second in 2014. 
Gresham and Paterlini launched a second restaurant in 2013 after 24 years of owning Acquerello. They named it 1760 after the restaurant's address.

She was also the first female to win Bronze Medal with the U.S. Culinary Olympic team.

Her Instagram 

Suzette Gresham is a force to be reckoned with on social media sites such as Instagram.

Under the handle @zettechef, she has just 38 postings on her feeds. Gresham's Instagram account now has over 1.4K followers.

Net Worth: Suzette Gresham Wealth

Suzette's net worth has yet to be revealed on the internet.

As a well-known chef and entrepreneur, she may make a lot of money and live a lavish lifestyle.