Every part of the world has their own uniqueness but the stuff you will find in Japan is surely out of the world. If you have any plan to travel Japan for your next vacation do not get amazed seeing unexpected kinds of stuff during your visit. Today we will be telling about those surprising things that can only be seen in Japan.


1. Gas mask Island

The majority of Japanese wear masks to protect themselves from the growing pollution but there is an island in Japan where every individual wears gas masks all the time. Just an hour from Tokyo we can find Miyake Island. The whole population there is forced to wear gas masks.

The reason for using gas mask constantly is because there is an active volcano located on the island. With many explosions in the past, the surrounding has become very dangerous to walk without any protection.  It is very dangerous to go outdoor as the poisonous gassed from magma is very harmful.

Now the island is actually a tourist destination in Japan. Many people are very much curious to see the place and the people living there in peace. And all the tourists are forced to wear a mask while they visit the island.

2. Adopting a full grown man

Adopting a child by a barren couple is perfectly fine but have you heard about adopting a full grown man. Well, this can be wired to listen but it is actually practiced in Japan. The practice of adopting an adult in Japan is very common and has been started many years from now.

This is done in order to continue the legacy of a family and extend the clan. No any people want their clan to get vanish so in order to not to let this happened to adopt a grown-up man was thought to be best by the Japanese.

In the year 2011, over 80,000 adults have been adopted by many families. One of the benefits we can see is adopting a grown man it will be easier for the families in economic factor, as they can earn.  

3. The Doll Village

There is a small town in Japan which is a village for dolls. This small village is very small in area that any markets or even schools cannot be found. The main reason the natives moved from the place was due to lack of resources.

As the town eventually was on the verge of being empty, people also called it a ghost town. One of the ladies living in the village came up with the idea of making it a doll village. She decided to populate the ghost town again with dolls but not with people.

 The lady then began observing people faces so that she could recreate their face in form of doll. Within no time she made over 350 dolls that were enough to populate the village. Some people tell it to be very scary and creepy while seeing man-like dolls everywhere. 


4. The suicide forest

The Aokigahara forest is located in the northwest of Japan's Mount Fiji. It is famously known as the suicide forest because it is a place where people go to commit suicide. While having a walk around the forest people will find many body parts left after the suicide.

Every year many people travel to the forest with the intention to save the life to those who are taking their own life. If not, those people identify the families of the dead ones and inform them about the death.

As the forest has experienced many deaths people believe that there are spirits roaming around the place. They sometimes even feel being followed or watched while walking through the forest. Many have even claimed to hear and even see spirits in the forest.  

5. Quick naps everywhere

It is for sure that life has become a rush these days and everyone wants to have a peaceful sleep after a long and brutal day. In Japan we can see people have quick nap anywhere they can. Those people cannot get the luxury of sleeping eight or more hours per night.

As the body gets very much tired and demands sleep the Japanese have made a habit to have a power nap to energize them. Often people sleep in the train or bus or while waiting for it. They also have a sleep in the office and rather than getting scold or fired from the job the boss appreciate them. Sleeping at work is the sign that you are working very hard and you slept because they are a hard worker.

It is also said that sometimes people fake nap to impress other or especially their boss so that they will be praised. Well, this trend can be nowhere except Japan.

6. Fake swimming pool

This is considered as one of the greatest pieces of art. It is an illusion pool where we can see people standing without their clothes off and even talking freely with no disturbance in breathing. This unique piece can be found in Kanazawa, Japan.

The artistic work is done by Leandro Erlich where he has created a rectangle hole and placed a transparent glass which gives a magic reflection. The transparent glass makes us feel that there are people under the water.

This fake pool one of the best tourist attractions in Japan. The visitors can also go inside the hole and take pictures from each side. The masterpiece has been praised by people from every corner of the world.


7. Tako Tamago

Counting the different unusual thing in Japan Tako Tamago is the one. It is a quick snack which is very famous in the streets of Japan. You may not like it when you have a first look at it, it is an octopus head with a quail egg stuffed inside it. The Tako Tamago is candied and skewered in the exact shape of a small octopus.

It is a chewy and spicy with some salt and sweetness for extra flavor. You will get the exotic taste of quail egg when you have a good bite. This grilled octopus is going to be a great Japanese Treat during your visit there.

This food might be very strange and something never expected but a very fine and delightful Japanese cuisine. It will be a new experience for those who like to experiment with new taste.

8. Banishment room

As we know the work ethic in Japan is taken very seriously and everyone is focused on their work. A man with moral values and determined to work hard are always rewarded but what about those who do not take their job seriously.

Unless like other country Japanese companies do not fire a worker when they cannot complete their work on time or neglect their duty. Rather than that they are kept on a room and isolated to continue their work.  It is similar to what schools do to a student when they don’t take their study seriously.

Many of the companies have banishment room which is specially created to perform any work. Even in the banishment room, the staffs are watched every minute. They are added some for works and given a certain deadline to teach them a lesson. This process is done time and again till the employ do not come back in form if not firing is the last option.

9. Kicked out of the graveyard

You might be getting really amazed at the practice that is done in Japan but this one is weirder. The practice goes this way, Japan has a law that can evict the dead people from their graveyard. This is done if the payment for the plot is not done to the landowner by those who are in charge of the dead person.

If the related person cannot pay for the plot then it is dug and the corpse is removed to make it vacant for other. It is done because a high amount of land is used for the residential purpose and the population is increasing at the same rate.

So failing to pay for the graveyard plot is not entertained in Japan. Every piece of land is counted in Japan due to a rapid growth of the population. It is also predicted that people won't have land to bury the dead body if the population ratio continues to grow at the same rate.


10. Abandoned Island

There is an island named Hashima Island located around Nagasaki. Many people also know it as Battleship Island which is now deserted and abandoned. There are many concrete buildings surrounding by strongly protective walls.

It was once a rapid growing town which is now an isolated island with the area of 6.3 hectares that is 15.6 acres. During early 1800, the land was discovered with coal and mine got established in 1887 to extract it. Later after three years, Mitsubishi bought the island and the mining work continued till 1974.

As the demand for coal went down the island was abandoned by the people inhabited there. Now it a famous tourist attraction in Japan, it was after it caught the media attention in early 21st century.  It became open to the public in the year 2009.