Steve Wynn Wife Andrea Hissom Age, Height, Net Worth, Children, Girlfriend

Steve Wynn is a popular American businessman and a billionaire from Las Vegas who has gathered a lot of media attention for his relationship with his current wife Andrea Hissom. Steve was previously married twice to the same person before finally settling down with wife Andrea Hissom. Though his previous marriages failed miserably, Steve and wife Andrea are still together.

They say ‘past hunts’, however, despite his not so good history with marriage, Steve and Andrea are still putting their marriage into work. Among the A-listers, Steve Wynn is among those names who were accused of sexual misconduct, but none came in his and Andrea’s way.

The couple is together for eight years now.

Steve Wynn Wife Andrea Hissom – Do they share any Children?

Steve Wynn and his gorgeous wife Andrea Hissom wed in May 2011 at the billionaire’s Encore Resort, Las Vegas. The couple’s wedding was more of a huge celebration with almost a portion of movie stars, politicians and businessperson in the guest list. The pair was even tagged ‘The Duke and Duchess of Las Vegas’ after the wedding!

Almost 1500 names were on the guest list. The current President of the US, Donald Trump, movie stars – Sylvester Stallone and Hugh Jackman, and singers Celine Dion and Garth Brooks were among the 500 guests to attend the wedding at Encore Resort. The next day of their wedding, around 1000 people were invited to their grand celebration. 

From their Las Vegas royal wedding to now, Steve and his wife Andrea are putting their marriage into work without any rumors of separation or divorce so far. 

In their eight years of marriage, the couple hasn’t had any children together. But, Steve shares two children, both daughters, Kevyn Wynn and Gillian Wynn Early with his previous wife Elaine Wynn.

Steve and Elaine first wed in 1963 and 23 years later in 1986, they opted for divorce. Again in 1991, they exchanged their wedding vows for the second time, 9 years later to which they chose to separate.

Steve Wynn and wife Andrea Hissom Birthday/ Age/ Height

The 77-year-old billionaire was born on 27 January 1942 and is 28 years elder to his wife Andrea, born on January 1, 1970. Recently on 1st January, Andrea celebrated her 49th birthday, and 26 days later, Steve lit the candles for his 77th birthday.

Though the number of candles might differ, they are one lucky couple who lit the birthday candles in the same month. 

Steve Wynn and Andrea Hissom Net Worth – Over $3 Billion Dollars

Steve Wynn and his wife Andrea Hissom are worth over a whopping $3 billion dollars. Steve is one of America’s top real estate tycoon and art collector also known as the playmaker in American casino and hotel industry. Steve alone is worth $3 billion, while the details of Andrea’s net worth and income hasn’t been revealed. Andrea is a socialite and has her hands in a number of income generating entities.

Steve Wynn is one of the wealthiest American citizen and fall among the list of 1200 richest person in the world.

Steve would be worth a way higher above his current net worth, $3 billion, if he hadn’t lost his $250 million for sexual allegations. In his divorce settlement documents, Steve’s ex-wife Elaine gained possession of over 11 million shares from Steve’s casino line. The shares were worth $741 million back at the time of their divorce.