Sterling Jerins Age, Height, Parents, Family, Net Worth (Conjuring)

How old is talented child actress Sterling Jerins who was only nine when she starred in the hit movie “The Conjuring”? Any guesses? She has grown gorgeous along with excellent acting skills which have escorted her gaining roles in various other films and television series. Blew the mind of millions of people around the world through her thrilling performance in the supernatural horror movie, let’s look upon Sterling Jerins’ age, height, parents, family, and net worth.

Sterling Jerins Age –14 Years Old

Sterling Jerins’ current age is 14 as she was born on 15 June 2004. Despite her young, she has managed to showcase her talent to the globe that has bestowed her intense fame and recognition.

Just stepped on her teenage, she has grown breathtakingly beautiful and can be counted as one of the actresses who got hit hard by the puberty.

Where the other kids of her age are wasting their time on sharing ridiculous posts on the social media, she has been all swathed by the spotlight in return of her notable roles each year.

Hope the journey of her success continues till the end, giving us several other thrilling performances and roles.

Sterling Jerins Height – 5 Feet 3 Inches (1.60 m)

Sterling Jerins stands with a height of 5 feet 3 inches which is a model height for the kids of her age.

She has a slim body built with a tall frame and divine face with poised disposition.

Blessed with remarkable acting aptitude, she also possesses an ethereal beauty that gave her easy entry in the entertainment industry.


Likewise, she weighs 48 kilos (106 lbs) and has a curvaceous figure with the body measurements of 29-24-33 inches. Surely going to be ranked as one of the most gorgeous actresses in Hollywood, she has already gathered notable followers on her Instagram by posting her exquisite pictures.

Sterling Jerins Parents – Edgar Jerins and Alana Jerins

Sterling Jerins’ was born to her parents, father Edgar Jerins and mother Alana Jerins. Edgar is an artist while Alana is an actress which became the major reason for Sterling discover her passion for acting since a young age.

She is the younger sister of actress Ruby Jerins who played the role of Caroline Hawkins in the 2010 film “Remember Me” and also appeared in the neo-noir psychological thriller movie “Shutter Island”. Moreover, Ruby also appeared regularly in the television medical comedy-drama series “Nurse Jackie” as Grace Peyton from 2009 to 2015.

Sterling Jerins Family

Sterling Jerins was born in a well-off biracial family as she possesses two races Latvian and Ashkenazi Jewish. She holds American nationality. Brought up in a supportive and friendly environment by her artist parents, she was induced to pursue her career in the acting industry as she was highly influenced by the profession of her entire family.

Sterling Jerins Net Worth – $200 Thousand Dollars

Sterling Jerins has amassed the net worth of $200 thousand through her rewarding acting career. Away from career destroying controversies and scandals, she is expected to become one of the sought after actresses in the industry if she keeps growing with her current pace, giving one after another phenomenal role.