Stephen Sondheim Gay, Net Worth, Partner, Family Details Now

Stephen Sondheim Gay, Net Worth, Partner, Family Details Now

Stephen Joshua Sondheim a.k.a. Stephen Sondheim is a veteran American lyricist and composer. The New York City-born musician contributed to musical theatre for well over a half-century and is still active in the industry.

The recipient of several prestigious awards, Stephen is an Academy Award winner. Moreover, he has eight Academy Awards, eight Grammy Awards, Pulitzer Prize. He is the 2015 Presidential Medal of Freedom winner.

Described as the greatest American musical theater artist, Stephen began his professional career in 1954, at the age of 24. The veteran singer spent a major part of his life in the music industry. He is an unmarried guy and doesn’t have any children.

Well, it’s not that Stephen didn’t date anyone. That’s not the case with the veteran singer. During his early years in the music industry, Stephen dated two well known male celebrities. Having said so, Stephen is gay. He revealed his sexuality during one of his interviews back in 1998.

Stephen is among the first few celebrities to reveal their sexuality publicly, back in those days. In the 90s, the same-sex relationship wasn’t well accepted in society. Nonetheless, Stephen didn’t hesitate to draw the curtains on his true side. If you love someone, you gotta express your feelings. So did the eight times Grammy Award winner.

Is Stephen Sondheim Gay? Partner/ Family Details

There are pros and cons to almost most of the things in the world. Likewise, being a celebrity is no different. Despite all the fame and money, your personal life just doesn’t become your’s, in fact, your’s only.

A majority of fans wants to know about what’s going on their favorite celebrities life.

From girlfriends, dating to breakups, we look to find out everything about their personal life, don’t we?

Likewise, Stephen was a subject to media scrutiny for a long time. However, the lyricist managed to contain his personal life up to himself, for a majority of the time.

Shockingly, in 1998, Stephen Sondheim came out as gay. Stephen admitted being gay in his biography, released in 1998. Speaking to journalist Meryle Secrest ahead of the book launch, Stephen admitted it wasn’t easy being gay.

The singer also shared that many of the people in limelight hide their feelings. They are afraid to admit their sexuality publicly, Stephen said.

Speaking of his partner & relationships, Stephen with fellow musician Jeff Romley as of 2010. Previously, he lived together with dramatist Peter Jones in the 1990s. They were together for eight years.

Details About Stephen Sondheim’s Net Worth and Earnings

As of now, Stephen Sondheim’s enjoys a net worth of $20 million. The 89-year old musician is one of the most prolific American musical theatre artist.

With dozens of released, movies and TV shows to his name, Stephen earned his fortune over a half-century-long career in the industry. The details about his annual earnings are still under review.

He wons a luxurious mansion in Turtle Bay, New York City.

Stephen Sondheim – Now

Despite at the age of 89, Stephen Sondheim is still actively involved in the music industry. He currently lives in Turtle Bay in New York City. Never married in his life, Stephen lives a single life.

Music is probably his only spiritual partner.

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