Stephen's Right eye has a cataract

As Stephen was growing older, health problems started. He has a problem of pain in the lower back, sometimes, problems in writing.

Most importantly, Stephen Sondheim has a cataract in his right eye. A cataract is a state of blocking in the lens of the eyes that leads to vision problems.

Stephen's Net Worth is over $20 Million

He started his career in 1956. Since then, he has composed a lot of hit lyrics.

With all these, Stephen Sondheim net worth is over $20 Million as of 2019. He also has a theatre named after him in Manhattan. This theatre is called the Stephen Sondheim Theatre. IT was previously called Broadway's Henry Miller's Theatre.

In addition to this, he has a huge number of awards in his name. In 2015, he received the Presidential Medal of Freedom award.

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Stephen Sondheim has a gay partner. What is his name?

Stephen was 40 when he came out as gay. After revealing publicly about his sexuality, he was in a relationship with a drama artist, Peter Jones. They were together for a long time. However, the two started living together only in the 90s. He was 61 when they started living in the same house.

Stephen and Peter broke up in 1999. After that, Stephen's romantic life remained secretive for a long time. Nonetheless, at present, he is in a relationship with Jeff Romley who is almost 48 years younger than Stephen. Stephen is 89 years old while Jeff is in his early 40s.

Stephen belongs to a Jewish family. He lived in isolation almost all his childhood and young age. Furthermore, he is from the generation where same-sex relationships were complete sins. Despite all these, he did not hesitate to open up about his sexuality in the 70s.

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Stephen Sondheim Company: He contributed to this production through his lyrics

"Company" is a musical belonging to the comedy genre. Broadway theatre produced this musical for the first time in 1970. Also, this somehow had a different story at those times. This musical was the story of a man who had a huge commitment issue. Marrying someone and dedicating life to him/her was a big deal for this man.

In the 70s, this story was kind of revolutionary. And, this managed to gain an appreciation to a greater extent.

Stephen wrote all the lyrics for this musical. And, this was certainly one of his best works. This musical has been produced multiple times by different productions. Moreover, "Company" has won a number of awards.

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