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Remarkably stunning and gorgeous babe Stana Katic born on April 26, 1978 is a Canadian born American TV and film actress. Out of dozens of projects she had done over the years, she became best recognized for her role as detective Kate Beckett on ABC drama "Castle". Despite her gorgeous looks and stupendous acting ability, she couldn't accomplish the kind of success one would have hoped from her. But ever since joining the cast of Castle things have started to change for better. Overnight she became a household entity. People started recognizing her more and that she finally could get noticed from the industry. Born to Croatian parents, Stana took birth in Hamilton, Ontario. However, she grew up moving back and forth between Canada and United States. Starting an early age, she always had wanted to become an actor. She carried on that aspiration towards her adulthood. Somehow she never let that craze for acting affect her studies. She graduated from University of Toronto and later went on to join DePaul University Goodman School of Drama where she studied acting from 2000 to 2002.

Year 1999, she made her acting debut on the celluloid. Unfortunately that turned out to be one of the regrettable decisions of her career. Since that movie flopped, she remained under ground for next couple of years. In 2003, she made her comeback with gangster drama "Shut-Eye". For next couple of years, she shifted her attention to TV and began making frequent guest appearances on well-regarded shows as "Alias", "JAG" and "Shield". Since she hadn't yet come across anything ground breaking, she stuck her foot at both places. Looking at her movie credentials, she has acted on numbers of them but somehow never became that infamous actor. "Stiletto", "Quantum of Solace", "Truth about Kelly", "For Lovers Only" are some of the films she worked on but those only brought her little fame and notoriety. Stana's luck completely changed in the year 2009 after getting casted opposite Nathan Fillion on ABC's one of the hit series "Castle". Speaking about her other small screen roles, she has made cameo appearances on dozens of them including "ER"," 24", "Brothers and Sisters", "Heroes", "CSI: Miami" and many more.

Stana's dazzling appeal is just completely undeniable. Leggy beauty Stana stands tall at five feet and nine inches. She's got the perfect height and the most attractive svelte figure. No wonder, she manages to appear absolute irresistible on her bikini wears. It's incredible how she has maintained her luscious gorgeous shape. She's extremely toned and has looks of a fashion model. However, she never used her good looks to get higher in her career. She always remained true to her being and struggled her way up. She's beautiful inside and out. She doesn't require any artificial makeup to look beautiful. As a matter of fact, she looks equally hot and stunning even without makeup. She's one fashionista. She has a style of her own. She opts for trendy wears always that brings out her attitude and personality the best possible way.

Speaking of her personal life biography, many of the details remain a mystery. She's not found commenting much about her private scene to the tabloid. However, it's confirmed that 35 year old Stana has not yet married anyone. She's single and happy the way it is. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles. Although she might not have yet found her Mr. Right, we hope she does pretty soon. Details about her can be obtained from wiki and other personal sites relating her. Some interesting fun facts about Stana, she is estimated to have a total net worth of $ 2 million but the details about her salary is not available on any source. She can speak multi language. She speaks passable Serbian, French, English and Italian frequently. She holds citizenship of both United States and Canada. Rumor has it that Stana Katic  has undergone plastic surgery . Even the most perfect people opt for knife to fixate their appearances.