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Stacy Santilena Age (Ben Zorn Fiance) Wiki, Parents Boyfriend or Girlfriend Enganged?
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Here, we will be talking about Stacy Santilena age, wiki, parents, boyfriend, relationships, and engagement.

Ben Zorn went onto ‘Bachelorette‘ season 11 to find love. Apparently, his love was waiting outside the show. Recently, he is engaged to Stacy Santilena.

Ben Zorn has tons of fans and followers on his social accounts. In fact, his performances in ‘Bachelorette’ did the trick.

However, these days he is famous as a ‘fitness guru’. People love his fitness and diet recommendations on his Instagram account.

Similarly, Stacy is also a fitness lover and a dental hygienist.

Stacy Santilena is possibly in between 20-25 years old in Age: Her fiance Ben is 30

Stacy has recently hit the web after the proposal from Ben Zorn. Beforehand, her name was unknown to most of us.

Therefore, it’s difficult to find factual information about her date of birth and childhood. Likewise, she has also not faced any interviews.

However, eager fans are all upon her pictures to guess her age. Looking at the pictures, she must be in her late-20s.

On the other hand, ‘Bachelorette’ star Ben is 30 years old. Apparently, the couple is blessed with a healthy age difference.

Stacy Santilena Wiki and Parents


As mentioned earlier, she has not been in the face of public media. As a result, there is no available information about Stacy’s parents and childhood memories.

Apparently, she has an Instagram account and a LinkedIn profile. Although her Instagram doesn’t share much information, her LinkedIn profile describes her career and education.

According to her wiki profile, she is active in dentistry and fitness. Currently, she is undergoing her graduation from Willow Glen Dental.

She attended Chabot college from 2003 to 2007. Likewise, she joined Carrington College California- San Leandro in 2008 for an associate of science.

Later, in 2013, she joined Carrington College California- San Jose for her nursing studies. After completing her studies, she started working as a dental assistant.

She also has attended personal training classes for about a year. Afterward, she also worked as a surgical assistant for Dr. Follmar for Maxillofacial surgery.

Stacy was engaged to Ben Zorn on August 26, 2019 – Her Boyfriend & Engagement Details

Ben Zorn left his fans and followers surprised after posting a photo on Instagram. The picture was adorable as he was proposing his long-term girlfriend Stacy Santilena.

Ben and Stacy met back in 2017. After Ben left the show in 2017, he got in contact with Stacy. The couple had an instant connection.

They dated for 2 years. The couple always seemed to be together. They used to visit games and post pictures of them together.

They made their relationship official on Instagram in September 2017 according to Since then, the love birds couldn’t be separated from each other.

After Ben’s post, Stacy also went to Instagram to express her happiness ad excitement. She felt lucky to have been married to him.

Similarly, Ben’s friends were also in line for the congratulations. The comment section included famous co-stars from the show.

Ben Higgins, Amanda Stanton, Danielle Lombard, and Marcus Grodd were some from the list.

Ben is popular for his romantic flirting with Kaitlyn Bristowe in ‘Bachelorette’. Nonetheless, the past is passed for him as he is focusing on the preparations for the wedding.

The couple has not fixed the wedding date and venue. However, we will be getting good news very soon.