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Stacey Ketchman Height ( Dance Moms) Age, Wiki, Boyfriend, Family, Bio
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Before knowing about Stacey Ketchman it will be better if you know about “Dance Moms”. You might be saying why? Because it is the reason for her fame. She is popular among the public because of Dance Moms. Dance Moms is an American reality television series which started on July 13, 2011, on Lifetime. This show is mainly based on the dance of children. And their mothers depict as the rivals on the support of their daughters.

Likewise, Stacey Ketchman is part of the show because of her daughter Lilliana Ketchman. She has been guest on the show. To know more about Stacey’s life read this article.

Stacey Ketchman Height: Her Daughter Liliana is 1.47 m

The details of Stacey’s body measurement is not available. But we can say that she is averaged height woman by looking at her pictures.

However, we have the information about the height of her daughter Lilliana. She is about 4 feet and 10 inches tall (1.47 in meters). And she weighs about 40 kg (89 lbs).

Age (42 years old)


According to, Stacey Ketchman is 42 years old as of 2019. She was born on 5th day of October in the year 1976. Her zodiac’s calendar says that her birth sign is Libra. Her birthplace is the United States but where in the US, the information is not available.

Moreover, she has not revealed the details of her parent’s and siblings. Actually, it is not that necessary to know about them Isn’t it? Why t know about the families of some random person. Neither you nor I will be invited in their thanksgiving. So it’s completely useless.

Her Wiki

Wikipedia information of Stacey is not available.

She is known to the people as the mother of Lilliana Ketchman. She must be very proud of her daughter because at such a young age her daughter is recognized very much. In fact, because of the show, Stacey is also ranked on the list of most popular celebrities.

Who is Stacey Ketchman Boyfriend Christopher?

Stacey is in a relationship with the person namely Christopher. In fact, they are also married. There is nothing much available about Stacey’s husband except for his name.


Stacey Ketchman has not revealed the information about her family. But we do know that she is the wife of Christopher. And they have a beautiful daughter Lilliana.

This is the information you already knew. So, in addition, we know that she also has a son Caden. But the details of Caden is not available.

Stacey Ketchman Bio

Stacey has a very private life. She is not the kind of person who shares everything about herself. Because of her such private nature, we don’t know about her bio. But we knot that, she was also a very competitive dancer during her age. So this means that her daughter Lilliana got the competitive nature from her mother.

Also, the army was her dream career. She also moved to North Carolina to join the army. But we don’t know whether she became an army or not.

She has an Instagram account with the name dancemomstacey. There are about 92k followers on her Instagram. She posts lots of pictures with her children on her Instagram account.