Spencer Elden Father Rick Elden

Rick Elden's son has filed a lawsuit against the band Nirvana and the photographer named Kirk Weddle who had taken his photo.

Rick stated in an interview that his friend Weddle (the photographer) called him one day and asked him if he wanted to make 200 bucks. He was initially confused about what his friend had proposed to him. 

Later he agreed on it and they even had a pool party. No one actually had any idea at first they were only told to put his son on the pool for half a second just he could photograph him.

And as per the new reports, the family also received a platinum album award which was sold at auction in 2015 for $4.5k.

Rick Elden Age

The age of Rick Elden isn't disclosed at this moment.

However, His son, Spencer Elden has turned 30 this year. Furthermore, he was just 4 months when his nude photograph was taken.

Rick Elden Wikipedia

The Wikipedia page hasn't uploaded Rick Elden's bio.

But it has uploaded his son, Spencer's mini-biography on Wiki

Moving on, his son has filed a lawsuit against Nirvana and the photographer for alleged sexual exploitation. Furthermore, his son added that the band has violated federal child pornography and asked for $150k. 

Spencer told it was impossible for his consent at the age of 4 months. 

Sneak Peek On Rick Elden Net Worth 

Rick Elden has a combined net worth of $500k with his son, Spencer, as per the reports from an online source

At present, his son has filed a lawsuit against band Nirvana and asked the defendants for $150k

Who Is Rick Wife?

The identity of Rick's wife has been kept a secret for all these years.

His wife hasn't been in the frame of media till now and has chosen to live a lowkey life.