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Sophia La Porta
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I am crazy when it comes to romantic comedy movies. And, if you are anything like me then, you might know about the movie Four Weddings and A Funeral.

This movie is a classic. More so, because it stars Hugh Grant. And, now, for movie fanatics like us, an American miniseries has been created based on this very movie.

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Likewise, it has the same name as the movie. And, Sophia La Porta is one of the cast members in this series. She plays the character of a girl named Zara.

The miniseries premiered on the 31st of July this year. From that date, Sophia has been able to garner the attention of many people. As a result, she is most popular for her role in the same series.

Sophia La Porta Wiki (Four Weddings and A Funeral)

Sophia La Porta is an actress from England. And, she is a star in the making. Until now, she has acted in many movies. Some of her notable works are Stan Lee’s Lucky Man, Been So Long, and Ripper Street.

And, now, she is involved in Hulu‘s Four Weddings and A Funeral. The creators of the miniseries are Mindy Kaling and Matt Warburton. It airs every Wednesday on Hulu.

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Likewise, she has received recognition for the character she plays in the miniseries. Unlike other characters, hers is the one that isn’t based on the original.

Time and again, she has shown her versatility as an actor. And, she has proved her acting skills this time as well.

Moreover, she has announced that she is writing her own comedy series at present. In this way, she is taking a step forth towards a new journey.

Sophia La Porta Age is Around 25 years old


Sophia La Porta is just getting her career started. So, you might be wondering about her age. Sadly, there is a lack of info about it.

In the same way, she is not so active on any of the social media platforms. Hence, we could not find out the details of her date of birth.

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But, if we have to guess her age, she might be in her mid-20s. However, we might be wrong. You never know.

Sophia La Porta has an On-Screen Boyfriend Named Craig

Sophia La Porta lives quite an exclusive life. The personal details of her life are unknown to the world. So, if you think we know whether or not she has a boyfriend. Then, sorry because we don’t.

However, in her reel life, Sophia has a boyfriend. And, his name is Craig in the miniseries. This character is played by Brandon Mychal Smith.

Sophia isn’t active on Instagram

It might break the hearts of her fan if I tell you that she is not on Instagram. Trust me when I say this, she is nowhere to be found on social media except for twitter.

And, even on twitter, she does not seem that active. Maybe because her real life is so happening that she does not feel the need to be on social media.

Anyhow, Sophia has been doing great in her career so far. And, we hope that she keeps achieving new heights.