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Sonia Batra Age: Sonia Batra’s age is unavailable at present. She was born to Indian parents. Her father and mother immigrated from India to the United States.

Sonia Batra’s ‘The Doctors’ appearances

People might mostly recognize Sonia Batra for her appearance in the show ‘The Doctors.’ The show has been a successful project and has also bagged Emmy Award.

Sonia appears as the co-host of the popular show. She has appeared in more than 70 episodes of the show to date. She has been one of the most recognized faces from the show.

Sonia Batra Wiki


Sonia Batra does not have a wiki page. She has previously worked on several the projects including ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla!’ and ‘Lakshya.’

Sonia Batra: MD in molecular genetics, Educational Background

Sonia Batra has an MD in molecular genetics. She received a degree from Oxford University. Additionally, she also has another Masters’ degree in health policy and management. She got her second degree from Harvard School of Public health.

Previously, Sonia attended the Kenter Canyon Elementary School. Later, she was also enrolled at the Paul Revere Middle School.

In her schooling years, Sonia enjoyed playing the flute. She was also part of a marching band. In addition, she received a higher level of education from Palisades High School. There, she was involved with the Academic Dictation Team.

Sonia has a Bachelor’s degree in history and biochemistry. She obtained this degree from the prestigious Harvard University. Furthermore, Sonia has also done an internship at Stanford University.

Sonia Batra Husband – Dr. Sameer Malhotra, Kids – Tara and Shaun

Sonia Batra married Dr. Sameer Malhotra. Her husband is a urologist. They share two children from this marriage, Tara and Shaun.

Tara is 11 years old and Shaun turned 9 this year (2019). 

Sonia Batra Bio

Although details about her early life, date of birth and place of birth is missing, here, we have prepared a short bio of Sonia Batra.

Sonia Batra has one brother who is older than her. She was born to parents Dr. Gopal K. Batra and Dr. Poonam Batra.

Additionally, her brother is Dr. Nick Batra. All of her family members: father, mother, and brother are physicians. It will be an understatement if we are to suggest that she was exposed to the medical world from an early age.

Sonia has previously worked as the head of dermatology and surgery. She has worked at the City of Hope National Medical Centre. This facility is situated in California.

Sonia also works as a clinical assistant professor. She has also moved on to establish her own ‘Batra Medical Cosmetic.’ After establishing her own private practices, Sonia left her job at the hospital.

People mostly recognize Sonia for her ‘The Doctors’ appearances. The show ‘The Doctors’ aired from 2014 and is still going on. Sonia has appeared in 72 episodes of the show to date. She has made appearances in the show as a guest as well as a co-host.

Additionally, she has also worked on another television show ‘Home & Family.’ In the show, she appears as a Dermatologist. She has been involved in six episodes of the show.

Furthermore, Sonia also has credits in the makeup department. She was an assistant makeup artist in the 2004 movie ‘Lakshya.’ She has also held the position in the making of another movie ‘Khosla Ka Ghosla!’ which was released in 2006.