Solo Uniacke

Solo Uniacke is the celebrity son of outstanding celebrities Rosamond Pike and Robie Uniacke. He is the first child of this celebrity couple. Moreover, his birth has given immense happiness to his parents. Solo is only famous because he is the son of a celebrity couple.

Solo Uniacke is not a famous personality. However, he has a high of becoming a celebrity in the future as his parents have already got fame in the acting industry. He has many opportunities waiting for him in the future if he works hard and focuses on what he wants to do.

Name Solo Uniacke
Birthday 2012
Age 8
Gender Male
Nationality American

10 Facts About Solo Uniacke

  1. Solo Uniacke was born on the 6th of May 2012 which means his age is 8 years old as of 2020. However, his birthplace is in the dark.
  2. Wikipedia does not have any information about Solo Uniacke. However, his mother Rosamond Pike’s information can be seen on Wikipedia as she is a very famous British actress. Rosamund Pike and Robie Uniacke are the parents of Solo Uniacke.
  3. The height and weight of Solo Uniacke are not disclosed yet. However, they are under review and soon will be publicized.
  4. Solo Uniacke is Rosamund Pike’s son and Rosamund Pike is an actress who is best known for her acting in movies like Gone Girl, Jack Reacher, Radioactive, Die Another Day, and many more.
  5. The net worth of Solo Uniacke is publicly unknown. However, he may as well not have his own net worth as he is just an 8 years old kid and has not started earning his own money.
  6. Solo Uniacke has only one biological sibling named Atom Uniacke, who was born on December 2, 2014. However, he has 5 step-siblings from his father’s first marriage with Emma Howard. 
  7. The name of his step-siblings is Tabitha Jane Langton-Lockton, Maximilian Langton-Lockton, Robie Jonjo, Ned Hamilton Sisson, and Molly Hannah Sisson.
  8. Solo’s parents have been romantically involved with each other for over 10 years. Moreover, Robie Uniacke is 18 years older than Rosamund Pike. However, that has not stopped them from showing love and mutual respect to each other.
  9. Before getting into a relationship with Robie Uniacke, Solo’s mother had been in a relationship with Simon Woods when she was a student at Oxford University.
  10. Solo Uniacke does not have an Instagram account or any other social media accounts.