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Sodiq Yusuff Wikipedia, Age (Height, Weight) MMA Fighter Religion, UFC Salary and Net Worth
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Find Sodiq Yusuff How old & Tall is He, Wife, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Parents, Sodiq Yusuff Age Height & Weight, Religion, UFC, MMA Stats Read Also:-

Sodiq Yusuff is a young Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Fighter with great skills as well as stamina. With over 3 years in the fighting business, he has been able to achieve popularity and experience for the future. He has been playing mixed martial arts for a long time. And, for the UFC, he is a fighter for the featherweight division.

The recent victory that Sodiq brought to his name against Gabriel Benitez will be helpful for his career certainly. Gabriel was left on the losing side after Sodiq punched the knockout punch in the first round.

Gabriel is a more-experienced player than Sodiq. Out of the 28 matches, he has played, Gabriel has won 21 and lost just 7. Knocking out Gabriel is one of the best moments in Sodiq’s career.

Who is Sodiq Yusuff? His Wiki and Age

Sodiq was born on 1993, May 19 in Lagos Nigeria. He belongs to a large family. His Nigerian father had four wives and 16 children including Sodiq.

However, Yusuff moved into the USA with his mother when he was 9 years old. Coming to the USA opened new opportunities for him and he was able to utilize them properly.

At present, he lives in New Carrolton, Maryland, US. But his family is still in Nigeria and he visits them as much as he can.

As per wiki, Sodiq started playing in the UFC from 2018. Before this, he has played many matches that helped him reach to UFC. He is popular for his knockout punches.

You can find Yusuff on his personal Instagram as @supersodiq. He posts pictures and videos of his family, his training and his matches. He has gained over 40,000 followers.

Apart from this, he is also on Twitter. Through his twitter, we came to know that he is currently in his home country Nigeria.

How tall is Sodiq Yusuff Height? His Weight: 65.8 Kg


We can assume that the game Sodiq plays require a well-built body. Yusuff is 175 cm (5 feet 9 inches) tall.

Also, he weighs 145 lbs which is 65.8 kg. He possesses a great and fit body. As a result of his proper diet and hard work at the gym, he has been able to achieve fitness and strength.

Sodiq’s Career in Mixed Martial Arts

He started fighting professionally from 2016. In the earlier 5 fights of his career, he was at the winning side. But on August 5, 2017, he faced his first loss against Luis Gomez from America. After that, he has been winning the matched he has played.

One of the most deserving wins he achieved was against Gabriel Benitez on August 17, 2019.

What religion does Sodiq follow?

The name Sodiq Yusuff might make you think that he is a Muslim. But he does not follow a particular religion. Moreover, we can say that he does not believe in religious differences.

However, his parents are from two different religions. His mother, Basirat Yusuff is a Christian and his father is a Muslim.

How much does Sodiq Yusuff Earn? His Net Worth

Sodiq has been involved withTeam Lloyd Irvin from 2016.

In three years of his career, he has played 11 big matches. Also, in those 10 matches, he has been remarkable with victory in 10 fights and a loss in 1.

With this performance, Sodiq Yusuff’s net worth in 2019 is approximately $400,000. Back in the year 2018, it was almost $300,000.

His total earning in 3 years of fighting is $78,000. Furthermore, UFC paid him $28,000 that includes a $10000 bonus for the win after his latest match.

Moreover, if he continues to play with the same hard work and dedication, we can hope him to be one of the most paid fighters in the future.