How tall is SmokeHijabi's Height?

How tall can the American rapper be? Well, the thing is that we also don't know about her height and other body details at the present time. The information regarding such does not seem to be available out there anywhere. But again, how tall can a typical American girl be? Just imagine. And moreover, you have seen her in photos and videos. So just make a guess based on your observations.

As per Sources, SmokeHijabi's Net Worth in 2019 is Estimated Around $350 Thousand Dollars

SmokeHijabi (born 7 July 1997) is 22 years old in 2019

You might like to know that SmokeHijabi is just 22 years of age at the present time. And I am saying this considering that you are a fan of the rapper. As the information goes, she was born on the 7th of July in the year 1997. So, it's obvious that she is 22 years from that fact.

What is her real name? Asqa M. Malik

Did you think that Smoke Hijabi is the real name of the singer? If so, then I must say that your sense of names is really weak. Well, I just mean to say that Smoke is not the real name of the 22 years old American rapper. So what is her real name then? Well, it seems that her real name is Aqsa M. Malik. Now I wouldn't know what the 'M' in the name means. But yeah, that's her real name as we have been informed.

SmokeHijabi Doesn't have a Wiki Page

As we have already discussed, Smoke is an American rapper from Atalanta. Talking about her professional career, she has released a number of songs in collaboration with Xeno Carr. The two rappers are part of the rap duo 'iLOVEFRIDAY'. Maybe that seems to be familiar to you. Anyways, Smoke was born in Atalanta, US. However, she belongs to Pakistani origins. Her parents might be immigrants from Pakistan. Wanna know about her professional career. Well, she is just  22 years old at the present time. So there's not much to say about her career. However, some of her notable works include songs like 'Mia Khalifa', 'Travel Ban' and 'Woaah Vicky'. And obviously, her partner Xeno Carr is with her in these songs. Have you heard any of her songs? Well, if not, you can watch them, hear them and do whatever you like with them. Nobody cares at all.