As a human being, we always tend to be passionate towards big things. Whatever it is, whether a big car, big house, big mobile, big camera, it seems that something that is big is better.

However, big is not always the better, sometimes small can be bigger/better than the big one. So, here is the list of smallest thing in the world. Let take a glance.


1. World’s smallest woman

Many people have complained regarding their height, but honestly, they are clueless. Even your small height could be your big weapon that makes you well-known all over the world.

Just 2 feet 1 inch tall, Indian woman Jyoti Amge is world’s smallest woman. Following her 18th birthday in 2011, Guinness world record officially declared her as the world’s smallest woman alive.

Growth anomaly called Achondroplasia has restricted her body development when she was just a year old. After she turned five, her parents encountered that she has the rare bone-degenerative disorder. When they consulted with a specialist, they stated she will remain the same for rest of life.

At school in Nagpur, Jyoti Amge had her own special desk and chair. All her clothes were customized along with her plates and beds that are specially designed.

Instead of a barrier, Jyoti’s height became the most powerful weapon of her. In 2009 she featured in the documentary entitled body Shock. Besides that, she was cast in American Horror Story: Freak Show in 2014.

2. Smallest bone in the body

The stapes are the smallest bone in the human body, discovered by Giovanni Filippo Ingrassia in 1546.  They are found in the middle ear that involves during the conditions of sound vibration in the inner ear. In fact, it is the smallest and the lightest bone found in human body and other mammals.

There are three ossicles in the middle ear and stapes are the third one. They are of stirrup-shaped connected by an annular ligament. According to rough data, staples measures 3 x 2.5mm. Actually, in different ethnic peoples, they are found constant in size.

The absence of stapes is a very rear case. It is located in between the inner ear and the incus. They used to transmit the sound vibration to an oval window as they were interconnected by Posterior limbs and anterior.

3. World’s smallest car

The Peel P50 is a three-wheeled microcar is the world’s smallest car, manufactured by the Peel Engineering Company in 1962. Unfortunately, it was manufactured for only three until 1965.

However, after 45 years, they are back in street and listed in 2010 Guinness World Records. PeelP50 was designed for at least one adult. Even though there is no rear gear, and the only rear handle is available, it can easily be turned when needed.

In fact, PeelP50 manufactured in 2010 is a bit different compared to the 1960’s PeelP50.  With all mechanical changes such as steering, a suspension including reverse gear, they ensured to be legal road vehicle in the present world.

It is well equipped with Petrol model with 49cc and four-stroke engine and can deliver the top speed of 45km/h. Its length is 134 cm, width is 99 cm and height is 100 cm and weighs just 56 kg, less than a motorbike.


4. World’s smallest waist

US citizen Cathie Jung has the world’s smallest waist which measures just 15 inches. That’s really amazing; she has perfectly maintained her waist for many years. To maintain her waist, she has worn tight-fitting for many years.

Since 1983, she laced her tight-fitting corset for 23 hours a day. Being a mother of three, she has perfectly preserved it.  In 1999, she listed her name in Guinness world record for being the tiniest waist of all. In fact, her astonishing waist is not due to malnutrition or disorder as it is the outcome of her dressing style.

After being interested in Victoria clothes, she decided to lace her waist tight. Eventually, she set the world record. In an interview, she stated, she was not intended to set the record. She gained it without any special diet or exercise.

5. World's Smallest camera

Today’s world is dominated by advanced technology. World’s smallest camera is smaller than grain. In 2011, scientists at Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute presented a disposable camera. It can be manufactured in low-cost price and is one cubic millimeter.

In fact, this tiny camera is developed for medical purposes to capture inside the body. That’s really a big achievement in the history of medical science. The camera meant to be disposed of after one use.

It is 0.06megapixel even poorer than cheap cell phone cameras. This camera is so compatible and is best for its job. They are a cheap and very effective replacement for an endoscope. With its freaky size, it can be placed easily in any part of the body.  

6. World’s smallest bird

The bee hummingbird or Helen hummingbird is the world’s smallest bird that belongs to the species of hummingbird. Mostly they are spotted in western Cuba.

Female hummingbirds are 6.1 cm long and weigh 2.6g whereas males are 5.5 cm long and 1.95g. Female are slightly larger than males.

It is swift strong flier like all other hummingbirds. Generally, the male has a fiery red throat, iridescent gorget, green pileum and greyish white on the other parts.  Female are bluish green with pale green.

The hummingbird visits ten plants species. Among them, nine are available in Cuba. During March-June, this bird used to breed and lay only 2 eggs, each about a coffee beans size. The bee hummingbird used to take nectar from the flower.  


7. World’s smallest man

Following the death of Nepali citizen Chandra Bahadur Dangi in 2015, Philippine Juney Balawing once again retained his title ‘shortest man in the world’.

Juney Balawing is measured 59.93 cm tall. In his 18th birthday, Guinness world record officially declared him the shortest man in the world, when he broke the record of Khagendra Thapa Magar of Nepal. However, he was surpassed Dangi but at present, he is the world’s shortest man alive.

Born on June 12, 1993, Juney Balawing was the son of a black smith. At the age of 1, he stopped growing. Even though he was documented for being the shortest man alive, he missed the title of shortest man in history, as it was taken by the then Gul Mohammed of India.

8. World’s smallest gun

Whether a gun is small or big one it doesn’t matter, its one bullet is capable enough to kill a man. As per the swiss mini gun website, a double action revolver consists of all featured that are available in real big guns.

In fact, it’s a Swiss made gun and a country that produces clocks and watches should have no any barrier to produce something tiny. A revolver holds 2.3-caliber, 1.97-grain bullets along with a tiny suit.

When fired the tiny bullet can travel 400 ft./sec. Although, it’s tiny looks is like a keychain. It can kill a man from the short distance. The Swiss MiniGun is the smallest gun in the world.

9. World’s smallest television Screen

Nowadays, you can even have a television screen in your pocket. Isn’t that amazing? In 2007, Guinness World record officially declared Scottish firm Microemissive’ ME1602 as the world’s smallest television screen.

However, its screen resolution is average with the display of 4×3mm on the surface. In fact, it is used as the equipment for viewfinders that require tiny embed display.

Back in 2013, Scottish company signed a contract with Asian company in million to deliver them a display. As this screen useful enough, medical and military both have shown their interest in recent years.


10. World’s smallest smartphone

These days where people are running towards bigger screen there is a new smartphone with a tiny screen of 3.6 inches. Jelly is a new Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. We guess it will initially disappear in your palm, so it has been tagged as the world smallest smartphone.

This mini-sized phone is the first small sized cell which can support the ultra-fast 4G network. If you are really very bored carrying bulky mobile phones then 'Jelly' is the best solution. Don’t judge its look, it is amazingly super powerful which is beyond imagination.

You can keep it safe in your coin pocket. The Jelly has a total of 1GB RAM and 8 GB ROM whereas the upgraded version Jelly Pro has 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM. There is dual Nano sim card attachment space and one micro SD card slot which can take up to 256GB.

And the next amazing specialty of this smartphone is the battery life can go until three days in a row in working time and seven days in standby time. It also has a front camera which makes people capture selfish easily.