It’s really a tough task to pick one favorite when it comes to the dog. Every single breed of dogs is unique with own beauty and characteristics. Yeah, it’s for sure these adorable cute puppies will certainly melt the heart of every dog lovers.

Here I listed out 20 cute and small dog breeds that everyone should have At Least once in their life.


1. Dalmatian

Dalmatian is a medium sized dog with black or live spot coat. They are born spotless but after 3 to 4 weeks, the small spot started to emerge in their body. They have a short and smooth coat and generally available with white plain and black spot.

At present, Dalmatian is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. At one time, female Dalmatian can give birth to 6-18 puppies. The average lifespan of this dog bred is 10-18 years.

2. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Well, you have probably heard the story of Queen Elizabeth II and Pembroke Welsh Corgi. This breed is so affectionate, friendly and loves to follow their master. With all these behavior, Queen’s love for corgi is still incomparable.

Corgi is especially a cattle herding dog, native to Wales. Pembroke Welsh corgi became the 20th most popular breed of dog in 2015. This breed always seeks attention and loves to play with children.

3. American Eskimo dog

American Eskimo dog is originated from Germany. In fact, they are an affectionate and loving dog with high intelligence. You can find American Eskimo dog in three varieties, Toy, Miniature and standard.

Don’t get confused as they are somehow similar to Japanese Spitz, Danish Spitz, Volpino Italiano, and Samoyed. In the 19th century, they were widely known as the circus dog. The American Eskimo’s average lifespan is 12-15 years.


4. Golden Retriever

Everyone loves to have a golden retriever as they are gorgeous with a lovely personality. Fun loving and playful, Golden retriever is one of the best breeds on the planet and they are literally incomparable.

You can encounter all golden retrievers in yellow, blonde and gold color. They have round and dark eyes and their lifespan are 10–12 years.

5. Dachshund

Dachshund is standard size dog breed, especially developed to chase and scent. In the US, they are used to track down the wounded deer.

This breed is playful and has chasing instinct. If you are really interested to adopt then you can have finds them in three different sizes, standard, miniature, and kaninchen. The maximum lifespan of Dachshund is 12.7 years.

6. Shih TZU

A Shih Tzu is toy breed dog with more 1,000 years of history. Although, its origin is unknown but believed to be originated from Tibet. In fact, they are short in size, with large dark eyes and have short and long double coat.

A Shih Tzu is loyal, outgoing, affectionate and alert along with an excellent watchdog quality. They are available in numerous colors including white, gold, red, black, brown, black mask gold, black and white, solid black and silver. Generally, the lifespan of Shih Tzu is 10 – 16 years.


7. Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky is medium size working dog breed, native to north-eastern Siberia, Russia. In fact, they belong to Spitz genetic family and widely recognized for thick fur and typical marking.

Siberian Husky are intelligent, friendly, Alert and Gentle. They are available in more than ten different shades including Black, white, Piebald, Red, copper, silver, Brown, Grey, Black & Tan and splash. Their average lifespan is 12-15 years.

8. Pomeranian

Pomeranians are adorable dogs with distinct face and plumed face like a fox. Since the 18th century, Pomeranians is famous among the elite groups. Generally, they are small weighing 1.9-3.5 kilograms and stands 5.0-11 inches.

They have friendly, playful, sociable, extrovert and alert. You can find them in six different shades that include Black, Grey-shaded, Brown, Tan, and Orange. The average lifespan of Pomeranian is 12-16 years.

9. Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire terrier might be a suitable option for your family if you are planning to adopt a pet dog Since the Victorian era, human and Yorkshire have immortal bonding. They are just little with only 7 pounds (maximum).

In fact, Yorkie is available in three different colors: grey, black and tan coat. Now, they have stopped working for Victorian factories, as their adorable fur has earned them a place in an elite circle as a lovely companion.


10. Lhasa Apso

Lhasa Apso is a non-sporting dog, originated from Tibet. Since ancient time, they are found in Buddhist monasteries that used to alert the monk from intruders. They stand 10.75 inches tall and weigh 14 to 18 pounds.

In fact, they are companion dog with a good sense of hearing. This dog breed is available in several colors including gold, red, white and black. At one time, a female Lhasa Apso can give birth to 4-6 puppies and their average lifespan is 12-14 years.

11. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds and belongs to retriever-gun dog family. They are originated from Canada and United Kingdom. Basically, they are intelligent, outgoing, kind, gentle as well as tempered.

Most often, they are available in pale yellow. Besides that, you can also find them in Chocolate, white and red colors. Labrador retriever has a smooth, short, dense and straight fur coat. The average lifespan of Labrador is 12-13 years.


12. Shiba Inu

Shibu Inu is one of the six original Spitz breeds from Japan. They are small and are original hunting bred.

This bred is faithful, Alert, charming, Fearless, confident and sometimes a bit aggressive. They are available in five different colors including Red Sesame, Black & Tan, Black Sesame, Red, and Black.

They are double coated and have short fur with the face and ear like a fox. Shiba Inu average lifespan is 12-15 years.


13. Havanese

Havanese is a Bichon type dog originated from Cuba. They are a small sized dog with the carried over its back. They are responsive, gentle and intelligent breed. This breed is adaptable to almost every environment.

These cat-like dogs are available in several colors: Black, white, Fawn, Mahogany, Tobacco and Havana Brown. The lifespan of this breed is 13-15 years.

14. Japanese Chin

The Japanese Chin also is known as Japanese Spaniel is a very loyal dog which is recognized for its great importance to Japanese nobility.

This cute little cat-like dog is very friendly around people and will be the best pet if you love a dog with compact size.

Their intelligence is one of the best features which is worth loving for. They are of different colors like Red and White, Lemon and white, Black and White, Sable and White and Tri-color.

15. Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is one of the famous dogs from the toy breed. This companion dog is the smallest sized in its breed and lives for 12 to 20 years. The dog is very likely to be kept as a pet as it is very cute and smart.

It is the most popular dog breed in the world. It comes in different colors and two coat lengths. Their average weight is 1.5 to 3 kg so this dog is very much easier to be taken around too.


16. West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland white terrier is a Scottish breed of dog. They are commonly known as Westie.

They are double coated and have friendly nature.  Don’t go with their size, they are more courageous compared to some large bred dog.

Westie is alert, active and Independent. They have bright almond-shaped eyes. The lifespan of this breed is 12-17 years.

17. Brittany

The Brittany is gun bred dog mostly developed for hunting. They are originated from Brittany France and have strong bonding with humans since early 17th century.

They are a medium sized dog and are compact and energetic. Having a hunting instinct, they are easy to train. They are of a different color like Piebald, Roan, Tri-color, orange, and white. The average lifespan of Brittany is 14-15 years.

18. Maltese

The Maltese are small breed dog in the toy family. If you are planning to have a small cute dog then Maltese is best for your family as they are very playful, affectionate, sweet-tempered, active, and attention seeker.

Generally, they are of 3-4 kg and stand 20-25 cm tall. The average lifespan of this toy dog is 12-15 years.


19. Pekingese

The Pekingese is a toy dog, native to China. They are commonly known as Lions dogs as they look like to Chinese guardian lions.

This breed is considered to be one of the ancient dog breeds as they have strong bonding with human civilization since the 2000 year.

They are intelligent, affectionate and even aggressive. Pekingese are found in several colors including black, fawn, fawn brindle and grey. The average lifespan of this breed is 12-15 years.

20. Shetland sheepdog

The Shetland sheepdog is a herding breed of dog, originated from Scotland. They are affectionate, loyal, intelligent and very alert and are double coated breed.

Generally, they weigh 5-11 kg and are available in several different colors like Merle, Tri-color, Black & tan and Sable. The average lifespan of Shetland sheepdog is 12-13 years.