Siri Pinter Wikipedia, Age Details: All We Know on Carson Daly’s Wife Bio

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Siri Pinter Wikipedia: Widely known as a wife of TV star Carson Daly’s wife, Siri Pinter is yet to earn a Wikipedia under her name.

However, there are several sites on the internet which presents her attractive biography. Born in Los Angeles, California, her full name is Siri Deboer Pinter. She is the daughter of Mark Pinter and his wife Gretchen DeBoer.

Her father is a television and theatre actor and a director, likewise, her mom was an actress. Moreover, she is ex-stepdaughter of actress Colleen Zenk, best-known for playing the role on the critically acclaimed CBS drama series “As the World Turns”. Similarly, her dad Mark appeared in various TV series such as “All My Children”, “Another World”, and “Law & Order”.

In addition, Siri is also ex-stepsister of actress Kelsey Crouch. Meanwhile, she also has younger twins, actor and producer Dylan Pinter, and producer Hannah Pinter. As she grew up in a family surrounded by artists, she automatically possesses art in her DNA. Hence, she has also shown her acting aptitude in various TV series.

Some of her well-known acting projects are “Frasier” in 1993, “Last Comic” in 2003, and “Committed” in 2005. On the other hand, Siri has gracefully taken her career as a food blogger. In fact, she also works as a food contributor on hit television show NBC Today.

The self-taught chef and recipe developer, her passion has led her to run her own food blog named “Siriously Delicious”. Earlier, she has also served as a writer and producer for various TV shows. However, it seems that she was into the entertainment industry just to prove her genes. Following, she has also co-produced a film “New Year’s Eve” with Carson Daly.

Siri Pinter Age – 38 Years Old

Born on 4 February 1981, Siri Pinter’s current age is 38, but her looks tell us something different. You could possibly even state that this gorgeous lady in her late thirties. Of course, the thirties suits her so good along with her blooming career and success. Her harmonious marital life and thriving professional career are probably the top secrets of her youthful looks.

Able to rob the heart of heartthrob TV and radio personality Carson Daly, Siri seriously has something special. Her appealing personality and modesty steal the show while creating a place in people’s mind. The wife of “The Voice” handsome host, she certainly is no lesser than any supermodel.

This Los Angeles native has elegant looks with well-toned slim figure, blue eyes, and a fair complexion. She has approachable height and fine weight that carves a curvaceous figure of her.

Carson Daly’s Wife Siri Pinter Bio

The wife of Carson Daly Siri Pinter’s has a glorious bio that beautifully states her personal and professional life. Worked as a writing assistant for “Last Call”, that was a time when she met her future husband who was working in the same project. The couple began dating in the early 2000s.

After dating for years, the couple got engaged in 2013. Following, they married in a private ceremony on 23 December 2015. Together Carson and Siri have welcomed three kids, a son Jackson and daughters Etta Jones and London Rose. Besides being a mother of three kids, she also works as a writer, blogger, and producer.