Singer Anggun Spouse/Husband and Net Worth in 2019, More on her Career

Singer Anggun Spouse/Husband: Singer Anggun was married to her fourth husband Christian Kretschmar recently in 2018. Her first husband was Michel Georgea. Then she got married to a boy named Olivier Maury and before Christian, she was married to Cyril Montana.

She seems to be really picky and broad-minded in this context.

Anggun is a singer, a songwriter and a TV celebrity based. She is world famous for her singing skills not only in Asia but in American and European nations as well.

The famous wax studio Madame Tussauds of Bangkok has her wax statue in there, that made her first Indonesian woman to have a wax sculpture at Madame Tussauds.

Singer Anggun Net Worth in 2019 – $16 Million Dollars

Singer Anggun net worth as of 2019 is estimated to be $16 million dollars.

The hit personality has done many shoots and covers for magazines. She has been interviewed by high profile channel and also she has represented as a host in huge shows like The X Factor, Indonesia Got Talent and The Voice.

She has her own official website where her pictures, biography, and much more stuff are included.

Singer Anggun More on her Career

Anggun famously known for her singing is also a TV personality, a producer and a songwriter. Her full name is Anggun Cipta Sasmi and she was born on 29 April 1974 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

She was into singing when she was of age seven. At the age of 9, she also recorded a children’s 1986, she released her first album. She also knows how to play the piano.

She did not want to be confined in Asia but wanted to go international. For this, she in 1994 went out of Indonesia and struggles for a couple of years in London and other European countries. After lots of hardship and struggles, she dropped her first international album in 1997 that was Snow on the Sahara.

Her this album shook the music industry and was one of the best-selling album by an Asian artist outside Asia. Not only this her singles made an entry in the Billboard Charts in America and also in Billboard European Hot 100 Singles.

She has been to many tours including Europe, American and so and has gained lots of prestige. She came as a host of huge franchise shows in Asia and also hosted The X Factor, Indonesia Got Talent, and The Voice in her hometown Indonesia.

She has, in addition, received Most Popular Indonesian Artist 1990–1991 award as well.

Singer Anggun Height: 1.63 m, Weight

Singer Anggun has a height of 5 feet 4 inches and she weighs 50 Kg.

She is an iconic personality and has great taste in fashion. She is seemed to use branded products in her daily lives and has a lavish lifestyle. 

Singer Anggun Age – 44 Years Old

Singer Anggun is 44 years old currently. She looks too young despite her age.