The Runner: Who Is Sigrid Lauren?

Sigrid Lauren is a Movement Director and Educator. Her Instagram bio states that she is a Body Lyricist too.

Alongside Monica Mirabile, she established FlucT in 2010. Not only do they create soundscapes but sculpture and choreography too. Having performed in Miami Art Basel, Andrea Rosen Gallery, The Broad Museum, Queens Museum, and Guggenheim, their work has been well received by the fans.

As a matter of fact, they have collaborated with artists like Sophie and Picture Plane. You can also visit Sigrid’s website and get a deeper insight into her work.

Sigrid Lauren Wikipedia And Bio

Sigrid Lauren’s bio has not been published on the official pages of Wikipedia. You can, however, find her on social media sites such as Instagram.

With only 56 posts, she has already amassed 11.7k followers on her account. Sigrid has also mentioned her link.tree account on her Instagram bio.

With an aesthetic feed and various art works, Lauren has garnered the attention of her fans. You can also follow her on Instagram to stay updated about her life.

Sigrid Lauren Age: How Old Is She?

Sigrid Lauren’s age falls between 25-35 years old. Unfortunately, exact details about her birth have not surfaced on the internet.

As her social media posts, don’t contain any information about her birthday, an estimation of her age has been made by looking at her pictures. However, we will keep you updated.

Sigrid Lauren Husband Or Boyfriend

Since no news about Sigrid Lauren’s marriage has surfaced on the internet, she might not have a husband.

As the singer leads a private life, information regarding her other half has not been made public. Whether someone has stolen Sigrid’s heart or not is currently unknown.