We love our pets and no matter what we never want them to hate us. However, animals do not understand every human actions and situation. Sometimes they may get upset or unhappy with the behavior we show them. In another way, some of their activities may seem normal to us but they can be harming them. So, here are some ways you can know if your pet dislikes you or not:

Peeing on things

It is very bad when your pet starts peeing on almost everything at your house. It is a sign of showing that they are upset.

There are several reasons why your pet is peeing on things around your house. One of the reasons is because your dog or cat is upset. Well, if you are aware of the fact that cat pees outside the litter box to make their territory but this time the condition might be different.

When cat acts oddly by urinating in an inappropriate place, even on your bed, you must understand that he is upset. Talking about your dog, it hardly pees indoor and now if you see him doing so it’s the sign indicating that he is in problem. To remove his sadness, track the behavior and take out quite often for exercise.