We love our pet and never want them to hate us. However, they are an animal who does not understand everything. Sometimes they may get upset or unhappy with the behavior you show to them. That may seem normal to you but not for them. So, here are some ways you can know if your pet dislikes you or not:


1. Peeing on things

It is very bad when your pets start peeing on almost everything at your house. It is a sign of showing who upset they are.

There are several reasons why your pet is peeing on things around your house. One of the reasons is because your dog or cat is upset. Well, if you are known about the fact that cat pee outside the litter box to make their territory but it cannot be the condition.

When cat acts oddly by urinating in an inappropriate place, even on your bed, then you must understand that he is upset. Talking about a dog, it hardly pees indoor and now if you see your dog so it’s the sign indicating being upset. To remove this issue, track their behavior and take them out quite often for exercise. 

2. Chewing up stuffs

Chewing stuff for a pet, especially a dog, is a very normal behavior. However, when this habit turns to be an issue then you must think about it.

It may seem normal when a dog is chewing things as it is born with the innate desire to chew. However, if this habit gets bad for example your dog chewed the whole door or even worse than there comes the problem that should be addressed.

The dog you love more than your self can be suffering from fear or separation anxiety. Or it might also be the result of your lack of attention, have you noticed lately if you have been able to give some of your time to your dog. Well, these cases might be simple but make sure to consult the vet as you never know what the issue is.  

3. They use your house as toilet

Your house will smell disgusted when you pet starts pooping around. They don’t play to have fun when they are upset.

When your dog or cat starts developing the habit of littering pop everywhere in your house then it’s definitely not okay. It is a sign which is indicating that your dog is not happy with you. The first thing why he might not be happy is because you don’t walk him around.

The other reason might be that he fears you. A dog may seem tough but when it comes to their master all they want is love. Your habit of yelling at them or slamming doors when they are behind you might scare you. So love your dog as much as you can and take them outdoor as it refreshes them.


4. If they bite

Pets generally do not bite their master or someone who love them. If they start doing, it may be the response to the behavior that is hurting them.

Even is the pet you train perfectly they still have the wild side of them. So in that case when they feel threatened then they surely will bite you. Your pet is biting, it may be the response to the behavior that is hurting them.

This is a simple logic predicting you pet’s habit, however, there might be another thing. If you are loving your pet and they suddenly bite you this can be an issue to think on. Make sure to check whether your pet is injured or sick and take him to the near hospital.

5. They scratch

Scratching is the sign that the pet is not comfortable with you. It may also signify that they are afraid of your behavior.

Like any other sign, scratching is the sign of your pet not feeling comfortable. They generally do this thing when they are feared of the situation or the person who is holding them. The other thing is your pet may need some personal space. So, give your pet some time to play with themselves and enjoy their time alone.

Or have you been seeing them starching those things they are not supposed to, it is not funny at all. They might be dealing with anxiety which might have created fear in them. Try to consult the best vet in the town.

6. When they growl

We may think dog’s growling is quite normal but when it’s an unfamiliar growl its bad. They may be having some problem.

Dog growling is quite normal when they see anyone who is not familiar with them. But when they growl at you and even make a certain gesture like attacking that is not normal. The person your dog love the most is you and if the one whom he is roaring at is you then there may be some problem.

The thing you can take into consideration is that your dog is scared of something or is upset with you. It is said that dogs may behave very unusually like having less tolerance and growling or snapping at other people or animals when they are unhappy. Remember don’t punish or yell at them the situation might get worse.


7. Their ears are back or flat

Cats have several expressive ideas to show their emotions. They use their ears to sign their current behavior.

This situation goes well with cats if you don’t know cats have 32 muscles in their ears. With the help of those different muscles, they use their ears to express their emotions. If their ears are pointed back or are flat in shape it a pure indication of their anxiety, anger, and aggression.

Do not just ignore this expression and try to make them cat by patting them on your lap.  Keep them in your arms as long as they want to stay. Or just let them go if they are not willing to cuddle. Poking them or yelling at them will elevate their aggression.

8. They bare their teeth

Being in fear makes them bare their teeth with anyone they come across. It is a sign of aggression when it comes to dogs.

When your dog is showing their fearful teeth and looking at you in a thrilled tone then it surely is upset with your behavior. Showing the bare teeth is the sign of aggression when it comes to dogs. They may do this if you are shouting at them or biting them which they are not liking.

When it comes to cats, they sometimes show their bare teeth and leave their mouth open for another reason. They do this when they are detecting some scents in the air.

9. Hiding from you

If hiding from you is a sometimes phenomenon then it’s totally fine. They can also be showing that they fear your harsh behavior.

The act of hiding from someone or something is done when you are frightened. Dogs hide from you when you are upset with you. They do not want to play with you as you might have upset them with your cruel behavior.

Your pet might also be hiding from you if they are not feeling good or are sick. Or if they are often missing from their bed and home then keep a good eye on them. Call your vet and start the treatment as soon as possible.


10. Ignoring commands

Talking about cats, it may be very normal to ignore your commands frequently. If your obedient little dog starts doing so there is something to consider.

It is not a good sign if your pet is ignoring you and your commands even if you are soft on them. A sudden change in the behavior of an obedient dog is a matter to study. It the time when your dog is upset and they are unhappy with you.

Many researchers after studying about the dog’s behavior came to a conclusion that dog even ignores those commands and information they think are unnecessary. So the is your dog thinking that your command is unnecessary? Spend more time with them.

11. They stop sleeping

Pets love sleeping more than us and we can see them asleep almost anytime. Sometimes they stop sleeping due to the fear of separation.

Animals love sleeping but when they are upset these sleepy animals suddenly turn into an insomniac. This happens when your pet is not feeling the sense of security at home. In this case, you can allow them to sleep near your bed.

Another reason for this change is their feeling of anxiety or lack of enough exercise. Like human being animals also cannot sleep if their body does not get enough of what is needed. So, do not keep your pet inside the house, they need lots of exercises, in fact, more than human beings.

12. Yowling while you pet them

Dogs love your petting them and having a fun play. If your pet starts yowling while you pet them it’s something to be cared about.

Pets, especially dogs, become very lively when you pet them. They are fond of sitting near you and feel the love of your hand but when they began to yowl it’s definitely bad. Every animal wiggles their tail whenever being pet so we should consider it a bad sign.

The scenario is different if the yowl is for some other person. But if it’s for you something wrong is going on.  Try to notice their behavior and take certain soft action.


13. Grooming themselves instead

Pet grooming themselves may seem very pleasing but it is not. Sometimes they may over-groom themselves which may also be the sign of anxiety.

It is cute to see pet grooming themselves as it is a sign that they are healthy and happy. However, if the act is seen in a regular basis you need to consider that your pet is upset with you. The pet may be unhappy and does not want you to groom.

The grooming is often called an anxiety response. Sometimes then over-groom themselves and end to the point of creating bald patches on their body. Make sure that you take your pet to the vet and give necessary treatment.

14. They refuse your treat

Pet loves treat but they refuse it when you upset them. It may be the outcome of your harsh behavior.

Many people tend to force their pet to eat something they refuse to. Generally, pet loves treat but they usually ignore them when they are feeling unhappy. Your pet might able be feeling uncomfortable or is very much scared of your behavior.

Dogs usually become happy while getting a treat from anyone even if they are not familiar with them. However, if your pet is not willing to get it from you, it’s time to be careful now. Take your dog to vet and try to figure out the problem.

15. Not willing to play

Almost every dog is playful but when they are upset and unhappy they stay calm. This might also be the result of your cruel behavior.

Dogs are always full of life and are the most playful animal. Have you ever noticed the smile on their face while spending time with you by playing their favorite games? When pet experience depression they often act like a human, showing lack of interest in their favorite things.

This may be a result of your cruel behavior like shouting harshly, beating with a stick, or some others. And if you are sure this isn’t the case your dog might be dealing with separation anxiety or is fearing someone or something.


16. They swat at you

Not only human sometimes even your pets get irritated with you. In this case, they stop communicating with you and remain quiet.

There are many behaviors of your cat or dog that keeps on changing. Have you never noticed your pet ignoring you or shutting you down? It is because they are irritated with the things you do to them.

Pets, especially cats and dogs, are very much well in communicating their needs physically. But when they are upset or unhappy you stop seeing any of them. Or even they do not react on those matters on which they commonly did before.

17. Making direct eyes contact

Direct eyed contacts are important to human but not for the pets. When they do this you must know that there is some problem.

Direct eye contact is very much essential in many situations but when it comes to your pet it is bad. A direct contact with your dog, while you are looking at him or talking to them, indicates that there is always something wrong.

According to a research, it is said that eye contact which people think is an effective means of bonding is a wrong concept. The situation is worse when the eye contact is unbroken on as it signified that they’re trying to assert dominance. Your dog might be feeling threatened or even suffering from anxiety.

18. Avoiding you

Pets are always fond of their owner and want to play with them. But when they are trying to run away from you it is surely a problem.

Getting avoided by someone is always a bad sign for your relationship. When your pet whom you spend much time is avoiding you and is not willing to spend much time there is something wrong.  First of all, it is important to analyze their behavior and act upon.

Pets start avoiding you when they are very much depressed, anxious, or especially when they are abused. So, in that case, the things you should be considering is using a calm voice, never yelling to beating them, rewarding for good behaviors, smiling at your pet often, and many more.


19. They stop eating

Pet generally stops eating when they are sick, upset, or unhappy with you. The behavior change can also be due to the fear of separation so be careful.

When your pet is sitting near a full bowl of his favorite food, then it is a big sign that he is suffering from something very bad.  There is very less chance for a pet to avoid food when you are dealing with simple stuff like being unhappy with you when you well or feeling lazy and upset.

Some of the issues that lead to it are dealing with new people or pet at home, changes on their daily routine or food, or the separation anxiety. Going to something greater, it might also be the sign disease like cancer which is making your pets to skip the meal.

20. Their back is arched

Your pet generally arched their back when they want to express anger. If it is done on regular basis then something is wrong.

An arched body is never a good sign when you notice it in your pet. Have you ever noticed cat often arch their backs which is meant to be the sign of aggression? Dogs generally do this when they are fearful of something or in aggression.

This may be a simple thing but we should never avoid any issues that can later harm your pet and its life. Pet projects different expression through their behavior and we should be clear enough that they are safe and sound.