A breakdown and suppurate in a locker room are the after signs when we are fired. But we people normally don’t realize when we are about to be fired and whenever it comes our way we just get shocked.

If you were trapped in a hectic schedule that you barely had time to blink, and now you are just hanging and strolling around here and there with no project in the hand. Then this means your boss can stand your presence in the building and he is planning to get rid of you.


1. A bad performance review

The skipper at your company needs to create a precise paper trial with caveats in order to fire you. And to them, it’s just a perfect time and reason to get you out of the business. Not every time a negative work evaluation can be count as a sign of getting fired.

But if you are the only in the group to continually receive the feedback with reoccurring concerns then you can smell trouble around you. A low-performance review in a row can guarantee you that you’ll be losing your job very soon.

 Why has bad performance review taken as a great sign of being fired?

If your higher-ups send you a back to back criticisms and messages to watch out your performance than forever, your career may be in menace. If it’s been a decade that you’ve not heard a positive feedback from your boss then take it as an absolute bye-bye from the company. Never heard reviews and awful comments can assure you a pink slip.  

2. Frequent Warnings

When your boss picks you out of the crowd for a formal warning, earnestly the feeling is the awful one. At times, you may have received verbal and written warnings from your colleague’s and co-worker but none of them matters until it’s straight out of the boss. The one seriously comes as a shock and hurts you forever.

Why are warnings not a great one to have?

If you are being warned by your boss at multiple times, then it’s time for you to pack your bag and leave the company. When your boss writes you and there is a flawless reason for the write-up, you can tell the trouble is near you.

So just rush and find a decent job in a corporate house, because your worst nightmare can turn into the reality anytime soon.

3. Your boss demands detail expenses and reports

Any signs that you are asked to report your time and expenses, written, verbal or otherwise can cost you your job. If your boss believes that you have been insincere with your time and expenses then you are likely to get fired. And even if there is good chance that you are the innocent one, you barely can do a thing because the boss is always right.

Why are frequent probes regarding your expenses and time a dangerous one?

Until and unless you are not responsible for exorbitant expenses, there is no need to worry. But if your boss certainly believes that you are wasting time or bloated expenses then you would possibly be hearing I’m done with you from your boss.

A back-to-back criticism and wary comments can dig deep and ensured you that it’s your last day in the office.


4. Your assigned task is next to impossible

Not every time the task you have been consigned is an easy one but when your boss starts to act an unusual one, there is something fishy. If it’s out-of-the-ordinary for your boss and the work that you have been assigned is next to impossible then it’s a sign that you are no longer looked-for in the chain of command.

Why your boss would assign you a task that’s impossible one?

If the task assigned to you is like going to the moon or climbing Mount Everest than it’s a pre-planned mission of your boss to nose-dive you. At times it may be due to terrible leadership, but normally it’s because your boss can’t stand you and wants to get rid of you. And for them, it’s a solid proof that you are not one of them and don’t belong there.

5. You’re no longer applauded for the work

 Respect and deep admiration is what you expect from the work done. But if your boss suddenly stops to acknowledge your effort even if you have accomplished a miraculous one then it means he doesn't want you in the office.

Why does appreciation and applauding matter in the company?

As soon as you secured a normal task, what you believe is praise and appreciation from the boss. Suddenly, out of nowhere, your boss is just ticked off with you. And instead of appreciating the one he is setting up a monstrous one for you then you have every right to remain worried. Then it’s an absolute sign that your boss is preparing to let you go.

6. You’ve been asked to take a time off from the office

If you are advised to take a time off from the work or suggested some sort of leave then it’s a serious red flag. The boss doesn’t want your presence in the office and as an excuse; he wants you to take a leave from the job. Although it’s under the semblance of what’s good for you, you can feel that pink slip is right in your way.

Why taking time off from the job displays a negative ambiance?

Taking time off from the office can be alike to a dating couple who is taking a break from their relationship. And we know it’s never the same again. Appeared to be the best, the boss actually wants to confiscate you from the company. But since he needs firm evidence against you- by the time being he plans to get one for you.


7. You believe you’re exceptional

As per the expert, you are likely to get fired if you believe that you’re no match for other. A sign of arrogance, corporate houses dislikes self-centered people who are excessively concerned with their own needs. No company or boss wants to be enslaved by his own employee, they just demand a person with a high productivity, not a high profile one.

Why believing exceptional one dangerous for the company and own self?

The company and boss don’t search for an employee who is self-absorbed and want things to go their way. Apparently, they don’t like people, who are full of themselves; its disrespect to the company. So ensure that you entered the company with decent behavior because when the boss makes his decision it doesn’t come with the second warning. If not, you’re likely to lose your job.

8. Your responsibilities are shrinking

If the work assignments or projects that you supervised and monitored once are now offered to your junior, then it means that your boss is planning to remove you from the business. It’s a sign you’re your boss doesn’t want you any longer and he is planning to get your replacement. Steadily making you less important

How does shrinking responsibilities get you fired from the company?

If you suddenly feel that you have more time to hang out while the others are busy with their work assignments, then it’s a sign that the trouble is about to knock your door. Making you a less important member of the team, your boss may be planning to get you a pink slip.

If you are the best employee of the company and suddenly they put you on a common assignment then it’s crystal clear that the company is ready to let you go.

9. You and your boss become has bad relationship

An endless conflict and encounter with your boss is a clear sign that things are not smooth in office. And you are likely to get a pink slip from your boss. Increasing avoidance, less friendly communicative behavior of your boss is likely to kill you in suspense and it could be because your boss knew that he is about to fire you.

How can the changed relationship between you and your boss get you in trouble?

It’s obvious that if things are not good with you and your boss then it’s a matter to worry for. Your once congenial manager who was also your locker room friend, your teammates with whom you shared lunch is distant with you, Then it could be a clear sign that they know you are about to be fired which is why they are serving you rebelliously.


10. You feel left out in the office

You are not invited to the official dinner or lunch party. You are not welcome in the meetings that you were supposed to attend. And if you are excluded from the group that you were previously a part of then it’s an absolute red flag for you. Perhaps they just want you to learn that you don’t belong to their world.

Why feeling left out in the office a sign of being fired?

When you are ignored purposely and never answered straightly, it’s clear-cut sign that they want to make your life as difficult as hell. Needlessly, if they are avoiding you then it means that termination is not far away.