Shelia Eddy Parents, Family (Skylar Neese Murder Case) Rachel Shoaf and 20/20 Unfriended

Shelia Eddy Parents, Family (Skylar Neese Murder Case) Rachel Shoaf and 20/20 Unfriended

Shelia Eddy is not your normal teenager. Most teenagers use Snapchat, use dog filters and drink lotta beer but not Shelia. Shelia is one of the two girls responsible for the murder of their high school friend Skylar Neese in Virginia, USA.

This was a spine-tingling case in the modern USA and here are all the things you would like to know about Shelia- the teenage murderer. I mean she’s a girl with big balls to stab her own friend to death.

She did the murder with another of her friend and there might have been a lotta toxic friendship stuff that went between the three of them.

But dammit! I just unfriend someone from my Facebook but these girls here giving all the new definition to ending a friendship- with a knife.

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Shelia Eddy Parents

Shelia Eddy was just a sweet normal girl to her parents. Her parents thought their little princess could never in a million years do such a heinous crime but oh, how wrong they were.

Tara Clendenen and Greg Eddy are mother and parents of Shelia respectively. They married and had found a home in Virginia, USA and raised their baby girl.

But after just a few years, they divorced and eventually Shelia and her mother lived with a new man- Jim Clendenen in Virginia again. Shelia must have had some complicated issues in her childhood and that manifested into an American horror murder story later on.

All these info are from the wiki page. So, this is absolutely correct.

Shelia Eddy Family

As I have already mentioned, Shelia had a mother named Tara Clendenen and a father named Greg Eddy. But after on, she got another father by the name of Jim Clendenen. Further information on her family is unknown.

However, there is brief information regarding Shelia’s cousin on the internet. She came on The Dr. Phil Show and had some things to say about the chilling murder case. The name of her cousin is Chrissy Eddy. Chrissy talked more about how Racheal might have influenced the murder case and that Shelia was more of just a pawn in the whole act. But we don’t know really, do we?

Racheal Shoaf – the second murderer

Racheal Shoaf is another girl who was charged for the stabbing of Skylar Neese. According to Chrissy- Shelia’s cousin, Racheal is the actual mastermind of the murder but there are thousand different ways to look at the case.

But for the Neese family, they don’t care about any other angles other than their daughter being killed.

As of right now, Racheal is in the prison for her atrocious actions. At least that’s what you’d believe but I guess she’s free looking at her Twitter handle.

A throwback to Racheal in court shared from her own twitter account.

20/20 Unfriended- The Skylar Neese Episode

20/20 Unfriended is an ABC television show that features crimes and investigation in America. You can look at this video up and gain further insights about this horrible case of teenage murder and the absolute decay of innocence.