Who Is Shawn Kimel? Know More On His Wife Kate Schatzky And Net Worth

Shawn Kimel Wife Kate Schatzky And Net Worth: Sinai Health Donation

Learn about Shawn Kimel and his Wife Kate Schatzky in brief with the help of this article about the two.

Shawn Kimel is the founder of K2 & Associates Investment Management. The two came into prominence after they made a huge donation to Sinai Health.

Shawn Kimel and Kate Schatzky Net Worth

As of April of 2021, details regarding Shwan and Kate’s net worths are unknown.

Teh Values are to be updated as soon as we obtain it from a reliable source.

The Generous Sinai Health Donation

Shawn Kimel, the Toronto-based businessman learned the extreme necessity of the crucial need for ICUs after he suffered from a severe brain injury from an accident in 2017. The injury was the result of a bike accident.

Kimel and his wife Kate Schatzky decided to donate 21 million Dollars to Sinai Health as a result of this incidence. 

Out of the 21 million, 10-million Dollars is to be used to add new space in the intensive care units. The expansion of the ICU will double the size of the unit and add 20 more beds. With an increase in the size of rooms, six more rooms are to be added for isolation.

The name of the ICU is set to be ‘Kimel Schatzky Intensive Care Unit’.

Shawn underwent surgery at Sunnybrook hospital. Whilst there, he underwent outstanding care. The fact that the doctors took their time to check in on Kimel even after working for rigorous hours touched Kate’s heart.

Hence, they want the other patients to get the same treatment and care. They want to help improve the human connection as it plays an integral role in an ICU.

On top of that, the donation will help pave way for new technology in the unit alongside a training lab, and rooms for family consultation and visitor support.