Shaun Clarida Height Weight, and Age Explored

Shaun Clarida weighs about 175-185lbs. Shaun is 5 feet and 2 inches tall.

Shaun is a professional bodybuilder and sponsored athlete.

Famous bodybuilder Shaun Clarida was born on 5 September 1982. He is now 39 years old as of 2021.

Hailing from New Jersey, the United States of America, Shaun was involved in several sports such as wrestling, gymnastics, basketball, and baseball.

During school time, Shaun was never the biggest guy for which he was being bullied and would leave negative comments.

Shaun brushed off the negative comments he was getting from the ones around him and set forward to prove them wrong.

Shaun became more serious in wrestling in his junior year of high school. But to regularly boost, he needed to increase his strength. Shaun began weight training at this point.

Furthermore, by the time Shaun reached college, he had failed to build significant muscle. So Shaun had to change his routine.

Shaun met a local bodybuilder in the gym who taught him everything about building muscles. Bodybuilding was not something that Shaun had considered before.

Shaun started preparations for his first bodybuilding competition after several months of training hard in the gym.

Does Shaun Clarida have a Girlfriend? Is he married?

Yes, Shaun Clarida is happily married to Rosangela Emmolo.

Rosangela Emmolo is quite supportive of her husband, Shaun Clarida.

Although, there are not any details regarding the date of the wedding and where it was held.

Rosangela Emmolo shared a picture of her and Shaun wishing for sixth anniversary on March 29, 2021.

We can say that the couple has been married for over 6 years now.

Rosangela also seems to be a gym addict. We can see several pictures of her in the gym on her Instagram account.

Shaun Clarida: Meet his family

Shaun Clarida has not revealed any pieces of information regarding his family on any platform yet.

Shaun has a brother named Corey Clarida and a sister named Kia Clarida.

Information about Shaun's parents is still behind the curtains.

However, Shaun's wife, Rosangela, posted a selfie of her and Shaun's mother wishing her happy birthday.

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