Shania Twain | Biography

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Since the early 90s, Shania Twain has been using her smooth voice and musical flair for making the seamless transition in the mainstream stadium of love-soaked ballads.  This vivacious Canadian charm, a renowned singer and songwriter, Twain has a legendary status, as her singing, songwriting and philanthropic abilities has come to high prominence. As Eillen Regina Edwards, she was born on 28th August, 1965 in Windsor, Ontario of Canada to Clarence Edwards and Sharon. After her parents’ divorce, when she was just 2, she along with her two siblings: Carrie and Jill were brought up by their mother, relocating at Timmins, Ontario. Then, after her mother’s remarriage to Jerry Twain, her and her siblings’ last name was changed legally to Twain. Her childhood days were quite struggling due to the economic problem from her family. Born with the mixed heritages like English, Irish and French, she has acquired the captivating emergence that has delighted the celebrity world.

Speaking to the personal life of this splendid persona, she is the mother of a boy child, Eja born in 2001 from her former husband, Robert Lange. Upon their first meeting in 1993, the couple became intimately hooked very quickly. The romantic couple married at the end of 1993. After sharing the enjoyable correlation for 15 years, the unfortunate time invited their separation when the allegations of her husband’s extra-marital affair with her close friend Marie-Anne Thiebaud came to light in 2008. The irreconcilable differences between the couple annulled their relationship & divorce was finalized in 2010.

Shania’s immense passion in music helped her during her stressed childhood. Exploring her singing ability, she used to perform in bar and roads that has helped to support her family economy. Intellectual Twain had written her first song at 10 titled ‘Just like the Storybooks’. The art of creating i.e. writing songs has been an important section of her life. While in Timmins High and Vocational School, she was offered to cast in CBC’s sitcom ‘Tommy Hunter’. At the same time, she was performing for the local musical band ‘Longshot’. Upon graduating from school in 1983, her eagerness in the expansion of her musical horizons was increased. After a demise of ‘Longshot’, she was approached by the cover band ‘Flirt’. While performing in the band’s tour throughout Ontario, the impressive ranged powerful voice of Twain impressed the many music legends of Canada. Subsequently, appropriate platform to explore her talents was given by the musician Stan Campbell. Throughout her teens, she went on searching the strong gateway of her career in music which was great interest of her. As the yield of high efforts, she launched the self-titled debut album in 1993 that had garnered the high fans positive reception outside Canada and mainly in North America. Though the desirable success wasn’t recorded earlier, she was also embarrassed to get sales more than a million copies later. Her 1995 album titled ‘The Woman in Me’ brought her into the immense fame with the sale of about 20 million copies worldwide. Her versatility in work has eventually led her to this position. She continued to delight the entertainment world with her extravagant skills explored in her 1997 album ‘Come On Over’ and 2002 album ‘Up!’. At present she is globally acknowledged for achieving beyond all the feasible music borders with just 3 studio albums. She is also known to be the best-selling female recording artist in the country music’s history. Throughout her career journey, she has accumulated the net-worth of $350 million.

Twain’s immense fame refers to the title as ‘The Queen of Country Pop’ given to her for her mind-blowing musical delivery. She is the one amongst world’s best-selling artists of all time, who has been found to have sold more than 85 million records internationally. Her magnificent works have been honored by several musical attributes like 5 Grammy Awards, Canada’s walk of Fame, Canadian Music Hall of Fame, Hollywood Walk of Fame and 27 BMI songwriter awards. As the only one female artist to have 3 consecutive diamond certified albums, her credits is about to win over the worldwide musical celebs. Despite of her international prominence, she doesn’t like to be treated like star and adores the normal living. Her undeniable quality to intermingle with the wide ranged audiences has been one of the distinctive characters of her. Anyone very willing to study her detailed biography can log on her in wiki.