Seyan Sarvan

Seyan Sarvan’s age is estimated around the 20s. She began her acting career at the age of 16.

Seyan Sarvan is a British actress of Indian descent. She was born on May 3rd in London, England. At the age of 16, she played the role of ‘O’Brien in ‘1984’ at the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith.

Seyan Sarvan is widely known for the role of “Lizbeth Farooqi” in the series “It’s a Sin” and has performed in other films and series alike. Furthermore, she has a total of 5 acting credits.

Name Seyan Sarvan
Birthday May 3rd
Gender Female
Nationality British
Profession Actress
Instagram @seyansarvan
Twitter @SeyanSarvan

10 Facts On Seyan Sarvan

  1. Seyan Sarvan is yet to be featured on Wikipedia. On the contrary, she has an IMDb profile that divulges her career facts.
  2. Seyan Sarvan was born on May 3rd. However, she is yet to reveal her exact birthdate. 
  3. Talking about her physique, Seyan Sarvan’s height or weight is not known. There is also no information about her body measurements on the web.
  4. Seyan Sarvan was born in London, England, and is of Indian descent. She belongs to British nationality.
  5. Speaking of her family, Seyan was born to an Indian Sikh family. Other than that, there is no information known about her parents or siblings (if she has any) available.
  6. As for her dating life, Seryan is currently single. It is not known whether she has a boyfriend or not or anything about her past relationships.
  7. Seryan first began acting while she was still 16. She played the role of ‘O’Brien in ‘1984’ at the Lyric Theatre Hammersmith. Later she ventured into the film sector and became widely known for “It’s a Sin.” Moreover, she has a total of 5 acting credits.
  8. The beautiful actress has won “One Voice Awards 2019 – TV Commercial Best Female Performance”. Moreover, her rich and mature voice and being a polyglot make her perfect for voicing luxury brands, and she is currently the voice of Toyota.
  9. As for her earning, being an actress and commercializing various luxury brands might have earned her a decent sum. However, her net worth and earning are not known.
  10. Seyan Sarvan is active on Instagram @seyansarvan with 1,551 followers, and her Twitter @SeyanSarvan also has 1,434 followers.