Dogs and Human beings have the strong bond since an ancient time. Generally, dogs are amazing and specialized to perform as the service dogs. They are individually trained to perform the specific task for individual who suffers disability.

Not just in the medical field, they are even performing in the military sector for a long time. Here we have listed 12 different service dogs that are professionally trained to perform their individual task.

Police dogs are specially trained to assists police and other law-enforcement people. In other words, they are known as K-9 or K9.

German shepherd, Belgian Malinois, and Rottweiler are the most common dogs recruited in Police force. Beside this, Labrador retriever and bloodhound also made the list.

These breeds are specially trained for searching drugs and explosive, tracing a missing person, finding crime scene evidence, and most importantly protecting their handlers. Basically, they are recalling verbal clues and hand gestures.

To be a police dog, a dog needs to pass basic training tests. Basically, they are given a command in their own native language. Precisely, police dogs are trained in various languages, so they will not follow the suspect’s instructions.