Serita Jakes Age, Marriage, Twins, Weight Loss, Illness (Wiki)

Serita Jakes Age, Marriage, Twins, Weight Loss, Illness (Wiki)

Some people are very inspiring. They are born to inspire people to walk through the right path. Serita Jakes is one of them. She is an inspiration to most of the people. She has changed and affected the lives of many peoples with her mind changing speech and her books.

If you want to know more about Serita Jakes below are her details

Serita Jakes Age (64 years)

Serita Jakes is 64 years old as of 2019. She was born on the 19th day of August in the year 1955. Her birthplace is Dallas, TX.

In addition, her birth sign is Leo according to the zodiac’s calendar.

Is Serita Jakes Married? Husband

Serita Jakes is married to Thomas Dexter Jakes Sr. The couple tied the knot and exchanged the vows on 29th May 1982. In 2017, the couple celebrated their 35 years of marriage with their daughter Sarah. Toure Roberts, Sarah’s second husband was also present in the celebration.

Serita and her husband had a terrific accident in the year 1982. The couple survived from the accident. However, Serita was seriously injured. Doctors also said that she cannot walk for the rest of her life. But she fought against her foot injury and healed well.

Twins & Children

Serita Jakes have five children together with her husband. Out of five two are twins.

She has named her children Thomas Jakes Jr., Jamar Jakes, Jermaine Jakes, Sarah Jakes Roberts, and Cora Jakes-Coleman. In addition, Serita is also the grandmother of four children.

Serita Jakes’s Weight Loss

Serita Jakes was very ashamed of her body weight from the very past. In the interview with Christion Post, Serita said that she was made ashamed of her body weight. So, she decided to get over from her body weight, Over the past few years, Serita has worked very hard and get rid of the body weight.

She believes that “It makes you stand up and take responsibility to make sure that person doesn’t grow up the same way you did.”

Mental Illness

On 21st April 2016, Serita Jakes posted a video of mental illness in her facebook account. She also talks about mental illness in the T.D. Jakes Pastors and Leadership Conference. She requested people to be open about their mental illness rather being ashamed of it. Furthermore, she mentioned, mental illness needs to be treated well because it requires physical, mental and emotional healing.

Wiki & Bio

Serita Jakes wiki is not available. But we have collected some information about her.

She is a popular writer who has published many books. Her books are like The Princess Within, Beside Every Good Man: Loving Myself While Standing By Him. In addition, she has also written a novel, The Crossing.

Moreover, Serita is an inspirational public speaker.

She has made a guest appearance in many popular shows like Oprah’s Next Chapter, Fox News, CNN, and The Dr. Phil Show.

Serita has also published a book especially made for teenagers. Its name is The Princess Within For Teens.