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Sera Cahoone Net Worth, Age (Megan Rapinoe Girlfriend) - Is Sera Cahoone Gay?
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The United States women’s national soccer team has won this year’s World Cup.  This is the fourth time the team has lifted the trophy.

The victory parade after the win was recently held in the streets of New York City. The three hours long even ended with a ceremony at city hall. With chants of equal pay and thousands of fans attending the event, it became a colorful event, to say the least.

The number 15 forward Megan Rapinoe is the one causing all the waves in the footballing world at present. She finished the tournament on the high and also won the Golden Ball and Golden Boot.

There is probably not a single American soul who has not heard of Megan at the moment. However, how well do you know Megan Rapinoe’s ex-girlfriend Sera?

If you don’t know much about Sera’s personal life and her relationship details, you are in the right place. Bear with us as we discuss in details about Sera’s career and her personal life.

What is Sera Cahoone’s Net Worth?

Sera Cahoone has not revealed details about her net worth. She is an American singer-songwriter who is associated with the band Band of Horses.

Sera’s ex-girlfriend Megan, however, has a net worth of $ 3 Million.

Age (43 Years)


Sera Cahoone is 43 years of age. She was born on August 4, 1975. Additionally, she hails from Colorado, United States.

Sera’s ex-girlfriend Megan is a lot younger than Sera. She is 34 years old and was born on July 5, 1985.

Sera Cahoone – Megan Rapinoe’s Ex-Girlfriend

Sera Cahoone is a singer-songwriter on her own rights. However, most people associate her with Megan Rapinoe.

The pair dated for some years. Eventually, they announced their engagement after some time. The engagement was announced in August 2015.

Megan announced that the plans for their wedding were kept on hold. She announced the news on January 2017. They have parted ways since then.

Megan has moved on from her relationship with Sera. She is currently dating Sue Bird. Details regarding Sera’s current relationships status is not available.

Is Sera Cahoone Gay?

Yes, Sera Cahoone is gay. She previously dated Megan Rapinoe who came out in 2012.

Career So Far

Sera Cahoone grew up alongside her sister Kal Cahoone and brother Nathan Cahoone in Littleton, Colorado. Additionally, she is a graduate of Columbine High School.

She has stated that she became attracted to the world of music from an early age. In addition, she began playing drums when she was just twelve years old.

Additionally, Sera also enjoyed playing the guitar. During her early years, she performed on multiple open mic nights.

Sera’s plans to pursue a career in music was not as easy as she thought. She previously worked in a coffee shop and also in a retail store in Washington state.

Eventually, she began performing for bands including Band of Horses and Panda and Angel. Moreover, she has also released multiple solo works to date.

Sera has released five solo albums so far. She released her latest album The Flora String Sessions in 2018. Previously, she released her fourth album From Where I Started on March 24 of 2017.