Who Is Seif Bamporiki Wife? Activist Shot In Cape Town

The wife of Seif Bamporiki is not known. Seif Bamporoki is an activist who was shot in Capetown.

Seif Bamporiki was the leading Rwandan opposition politician. He was killed by shooting with a gun in Capetown, South Africa where he was living in exile. Moreover, he was pulled out of his vehicle and then shot to death. Seif was an activist as well.

Moreover, Seif Bamporiki also used to run a bed shop in Capetown. He was killed on the day when he was out for delivery in Nyanga township. There was also another person who accompanied him that day. However, that person was able to save his life and run away.

Name Seif Bamporiki
Gender Male
Nationality South African
Profession Activist
Married/Single Marreid
Children Three

10 Facts About Seif Bamporiki

  1. Seif Bamporiki had 5 members in his family with whom he had been living in Capetown. He was living a life in exile as he was exiled from his former hometown.
  2.  It is known that Seif Bamporiki had three children. However, the name and any other details about his children are unavailable.
  3. Activist Seif Bamporiki was shot to death when he was delivering some goods from his shop. He was pulled out of his vehicle and then killed according to the police.
  4. After killing Seif Bamporiki, his killers had also been able to take away his home and the coffee he was sipping.
  5. Seif Bamporiki lived as a refugee in  South Africa. However, his actual nationality is not publicly known.
  6. Bamporiki was also the coordinator of the Rwanda National Congress (RNC) in South Africa. This is a party that is not opposed to the Rwanda Regime in South Africa.
  7. According to a spokesman for the RNC party, Seif was one of the founding members of the party. Moreover, he had also been elected head of the RNC in South Africa in recent years.
  8. The ethnicity of Seif Bamporiki is unknown as there is very little information about his personal life on the internet.
  9. Bamporiki was in Johannesburg where the RNC held a commemoration ceremony for Rwandans who were killed or abducted in the struggle for change in Rwanda on the day before he was killed.
  10. He was a very good leader and we can say that he may have lost his life because of politics.