Marriage is a scared bonding between two people. Lots of promises about being truthful for the lifetime, love each other no matter what the circumstances is, never lie to each other and blah blah, these are all fantasies. Revealing everything about your past could cost you your married life.

So, sometimes it is better to hide so that your married life remains balanced. Most of the woman have the same question, ‘Is my husband hiding something from me’. So don’t worry ladies, here are 10 things that your husband is probably hiding from you.


1. His past life

Everybody has stuff from the past. However, it’s obvious that nobody wants to dig out their buried affairs as they could cost them their current relationship.  

Undoubtedly, the husband feels insecure to share his past life, as he thinks, how his wife gonna react when she comes to know about his past relationships. Despite the fact, some may open up about their past life as they believe their partner is mature enough to understand and accept all the crazy stuff he’s done in his youth days.

Possibly, man hates being judged by their past life, so you need to be understandable, open, supportive and non-judgmental, that’s the best way to balance your married life, or else you are gonna ruin it.

2. He never shares his fear

‘A man never cries’, doesn’t mean they are fearless. Stop comparing your man with fantasy character, James Bond. There is a vast difference between real life and on-screen life.  Men too have fear. Fear of failure, fear of losing loved ones.

Man always tries hard to hide its emotions. He never expresses it out how much he felt insecure or scared of being alone. As we all know, since childhood, men are taught to be tough. Crying and fear are a symbol of weakness.

So, they are compelled by the society rule to shove their fear and never speak about it. But, the thing is you need to understand, they are just normal human like you and are equally afraid and feels insecure in a complex situation.

3. Sexual fantasies

It’s really common for a man to dream of other women. Even though they openly do not admit the truth, but during sex, most of the woman around the world has been hurt by their husband uttering the name of another woman.  

Most of the time it doesn’t mean, your husband is cheating you or really wants to cheat you. According to Austrian neurologist Sigmund Freud, human desire is always stored in the unconscious mind. The human mind is the most complex thing and man always possess the desire of some of astonishing.

As a result, sometimes the image of celebrity can also have stuck in man’s mind. So, just relax woman, that’s just a fantasy image on your husband psyche.  He is simply trying to take pleasure through his imagination.


4. Mistakes he has made in the past

Nobody is perfect’ and yes that is true. We all do mistakes, even your husband does. Whether he did a mistake or not is not the matter of subject. The main thing does he share his past and present with you. It all depends upon you, how well you have received it till date.

Mocking your husband for his past mistake is never solve the problem. Instead, your husband starts to hide things from you and try to resolve the issue on his own. So, if your husband fears to share then sorry to say but you are torturing emotionally him.

So, it’s better to understand his issues and try to resolve them together. That’ll make your marriage bond better than ever.

5. His secret account on a dating website

Divorce is increasing in alarming rate, technology is one of the factors. They are created to connect people but they are actually breaking it down with your loved ones. Generally, woman wants attention from their husband and wants to share time with him.

However, with lots of chatting website in the market, the man couldn’t resist themselves in joining a dating site. They update single relationship status and eventually develop a platonic relationship with another woman.

It’s obvious he’ll never reveal about his secret count. As he is aware that could drag him to a court paper. When a wife comes to know about his husband flirting and sex chat with another woman, she could pack her bag and react her husband is a womanizer.

6. Money he spends on others

Most of the problem starts with money and ends with money. The man loves to share things with their loved one. When he achieves the consistent position, he tries hard to keep his family and friends happy. Most often, a man used to buy things for their family and send money to them without informing his wife.

Some men don’t feel important to share their financial dealing with their wife. However, some hide their financial record for no reason. Maybe, they think that sharing could make her unhappy.

So, if you really want to know, where he is spending his money, just ask nicely. Probably, he doesn’t tell you because he finds it boring or he thinks you’ll disapprove his idea.


7. He has trust issues

Having trust issues is probably a women issue. However, men also have this problem, especially the one who was stabbed in his back previously.  In fact, this is all because of what they have seen or experienced in these years.

The fear of losing their wife makes them feel insecure. Overreacting could make the relationship more and more complex. Instead of sharing his insecurity, some man starts to criticize his partner mistake.

Most of the time, we have encountered men feeling insecure about the connections of his wife and her childhood friend. So, the best thing to solve trust issue is transparency in the relationship. If you are transparent and there is nothing to hide then your partner will also be frank and there will be nothing to hide between you and your husband.

8. His Exact Salary

Just the way women hate being asked about her age, men hate being asked about their salary. How much you earn??? That’s really an awkward question for man. Most of the man thinks they will be in trouble if their wife will find out their exact salary.

As we have already discussed his extra expenses for their family. The next thing is, he fears about his wife asking money to help her parents if she comes to know about his extra expenses. So, just to avoid his fear and problem, he just lies.

Now, if you really feel suspicious about your husband then you can check his bank statement or his salary slip.

9. His extra marital affair

A woman can share anything with another woman, except her husband. In the recent year, we have encountered many incidents where most of the women became the victim of adultery. Its common man tries hard to hide his affair.

He makes sure that his wife will not find out about him and his girlfriend’s activities inside four walls. Man always try to be innocent in front of his wife and make her realizes that he is perfect for her.

An extramarital affair means knocking the door of the court. Most of the man make excuses for office work and enjoy the holiday with his girlfriend somewhere on the beach. At the same time, he is handling two women.


10. Wife hates his husband’s Bad Habit

Everyone has bad habits but when it comes to those which your wife hates husbands do not utter a word about it. Bad habits regarding health like drinking or smoking or gambling are never tolerated by any wife unless she is fond of these things too.

As wives are very much strict about these things husband always bring out from trick for cover up their bad habits. This is the most popular trick, staying out in the name of a business trip or outdoor office meeting in order not to come home.

When it comes to bad food eating habit, listen, ladies, your husband telling you about being fit by avoiding junk foods, actually they are the biggest junk food freaks. And have you ever noticed them giving you reasons of not having food at night it is because they have already had dinner outside with their friends.