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Sean sticks larkin Age, Wife, Girlfriend, Wiki, Net Worth, Is He Married Now?
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Sean Sticks Larkin is a law enforcement officer from the United States. Moreover, he is also popular as a documentary actor for ‘Live PD presents PD Cam‘.

The series has just completed its 2 seasons. It features the point-of-view (POV) footage of police activities in the Tulsa Police Department Gang Unit.

In fact, all the 30-minutes long episodes were loved by fans. Similarly, the show has featured for the 2nd season in June 2019.

There were some controversies regarding the show. However, most of the fans and followers loved his attempt to show the world a braveness of the police department.

Here are all the facts about Sean Sticks Larkin. His age, wife, girlfriend, net worth wiki and more.

How old is Sean Sticks Larkin Age?

Sean Sticks Larkin was born in December 1973, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has spent most part of his life in Tulsa.

As of 2019, Sean is 46 years old.

Despite the superior number attached to his age, he is an energetic police officer. Likewise, he is a single dad to children and a full-time law enforcement officer at Tulsa PD gang.

Sean Sticks Larkin is a single dad – Wife, Girlfriend


Sean Sticks Larkin has been working in the Tulsa Unit for almost 2 decades. He started off as an intern followed by his regular job as an officer.

Alongside his sparkling career, he had some romantic experiences back in days. In fact, he was happily married for almost 3 years.

Apparently, details about his wife are not available. However, according to, Sean Sticks Larkin wife had cheated on him with a fellow officer.

As a result, he divorced her. Later, his wife was arrested for child abuse and substance use. Therefore, he got full custody of their children.

He has a 23-year-old daughter Alyssa who is pursuing a modeling career. Likewise, his son Patrick is 20 years old who dreams of being a cop like his father.

He has served for 2 decades in Tulsa Gang Unit – Wiki

Sean Sticks Larkin has worked in the police department his entire career. He completed his high school in Tulsa and attended the local college.

After completing his college studies, he started working as an intern at the Police department. He was from a military family. Therefore, he always wanted to serve the country since his childhood days.

He has been serving as a law enforcement officer for more than 2 decades. Moreover, he also has credits as an actor according to his IMDb profile.

Sean featured in the ‘Live PD’ in 2016. Similarly, he also had a role in ‘The First 48’ in 2004. Later, in 2018, he became a lead actor in ‘Live PD Presents PD Cam’.

He even worked as an analyst for the show in the 2nd season. The show even was subject to some controversies after the first season.

Sean Sticks Larkin Net Worth 2019

Sean Sticks Larkin net worth in 2019 is under review. Despite his career devotion as a law enforcement officer, he gathered fame after his acting career.

The law enforcement officer makes a decent income but not a hefty one. However, Sean has worked as an actor as well. Therefore, the amount must be approximately $500,000.

His recent marital status

Recently, Sean is single and has not married since his divorce back in the days. He is solely focused on his job and kids.