One of the best feelings is opening that hard-earned acceptance letter from a university. And most likely, if you clicked this link – you did. As we know all too well, college is expensive. Throughout most college students lives, they had almost all their money given to them by their parents, but college is the time true responsibility begins. With the right information at hand and some maneuvering, you can definitely get major financial assistance for college tuition. Experience has proven that scholarships will be given to those that deserve it.

Read more on the next page to for the 5 best ways to get a college scholarship!


5. Play A Sport

Some of the most lucrative scholarships are given to college athletes. I know this obvious to the football player or star baseball player, but did you know you can scholarships for lesser known sports?

Try partaking in golf, fence, or equestrian! A senior year spent learning and perfecting a new sport can lead to a full ride in college.

4. Volunteer

Most nonprofits have hefty scholarships for their volunteers. Try volunteering in your community, or a community chapter of a major organization.

A high level of community service will give you a leg up in college and will boast your resume for future careers. It can be best to work for an organization that you are familiar with or have a childhood history with to create a fluid commitment.

3. Recognize your Background

There are so many scholarships available to women or people of color. Reach out from your community and dig deep into your family history to understand where you are truly from and where you can channel for lucrative scholarships.

Depending on your religion, there are also many faith-based scholarships or interest-free loans available.


2. Reach Out

Persistence is key. Try building a personal connection with someone at a scholarship society.

Building a relationship through visits, phone calls, and gifts can make you stand out from the crowd. Remember, these people sift through hundreds of applications a day – and adding a personal touch can really make a difference!

1. Apply Early

It can never be too early to apply for a scholarship. Applying early is another way to stand out of the crowd. You can definitely score a better scholarship earlier, with much less competition.

It can also be a numbers game. Applying early can lead to more applications overall, and someone who applies to 100 scholarships versus 10 has a much better chance of being awarded!