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Sauce Walka Net Worth: Albert Walker Mondane better known by the name of Sauce Walka is a famous American Hip hop artist who has a net worth which ranges from $100,000 to $1 million US dollars.

Sauce has earned such a huge amount of worth from his career as a rapper. He is also seen driving luxurious cars. He lives the life exactly like the other successful rapper, I meant to say Hip Hop and luxurious life with what he has.

Sauce is very famous for his unorthodox rap style.

Sauce Walka Dad

Sauce Walka’s dad was a professional wrestler. This is only the information we have about his father since he has not disclosed any information about his dad.

So, very few people i.e. people very close to him know about the details of his father. He was taken care of and raised by his mother.

He grew up with his brother named Dillion Clemons but he also hasn’t mentioned his brother.

According to sources, we came to know that on 2017 he gifted his father a Mercedes which was a surprise for his father, and this symbolizes that he has a strong bond with his father.

Sauce Walka Age (28 years)


Sauce Walka was born on 29th June 1990 which makes him 28 years as of 2019. His birth sign is Cancer. He was born on Huston, Texas.

Sauce Walka Girlfriend (Snow Bunny)

Sauce Walka, being a celebrity have to face lots of controversies because of their personal relationship so, they always try to hide their personal things.

But Sauce Walka has enough courage to make people know about his relationship with Snow Bunny.

According to sources we came to that Sauce Walka has gifted a new Ferrari car to his girlfriend which costs around $250k. It shows his immense love and affection towards Snow Bunny. In the same year, he took Snow for Louis Vuitton shopping store.

Sauce is now engaged with Snow and they also have a beautiful daughter together with whom he is found sharing photos on Instagram.

Sauce Walka Wiki

Sauce Walka has done a lot of struggles in his life since his childhood because his parents got separated when he was a child and his mother was an addict. He was struggling until Sancho Saucy came in his life. He along with Sancho Saucy released his 1st tape in 2014. After that his new life began.

Sauce is a dedicated man. So, he never loses focus upon his goal and now he has become one of the successful rappers in the American rap music industry. Being from a small and unknown place and being through so much of hard times in life, his lyrics were based on what and how actually life is and because of his songs lyrics he invoked into controversy so many times.

Where is Sauce Walka from?

Sauce Walka is from Huston, Texas United States. He loves people of Huston Texas and believes that people from his place can do great things in life.