Sarah Kirkpatrick

Sarah Kirkpatrick Age, Height, Birthday, Parents, Wikipedia

Sarah Kirkpatrick is a female child actress. She is a young happy child. She lives with her parents and is guided by her parents. Most of the time, Sarah is with her family enjoying her time with them. 

Sarah is very good at her work. Although she is very young, she handles herself very well in front of the camera. It is very rear to see a child actress with such a degree of professionalism. Because of her raw age, we do not enough information about her. 

Name Sarah Kirkpatrick
Age 7
Gender Female
Height 4 feet 7 inches
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Profession Actress

10 Facts on Sarah Kirkpatrick

  1. Sarah Kirkpatrick is a 7 years old child. Kirkpatrick’s exact birthdate is not known and we do not know about her birth sign.
  2.  Sarah is 4 feet 7 inches tall. 
  3. She is a cute girl. If you are looking for her body measurements, sorry we will not mention it. And, it will not be appropriate to talk about a young child’s body measurement.
  4. The nationality of Sarah is American. Sarah’s skin tone is White.
  5.  It is very difficult to extract information about her. So, we do not have any information about her parents.
  6. Kirkpatrick’s first work was in Mark Wahlberg’s film “Instant Family” in the role of “Kimberly” as reported on IMDB. Instant Family is a movie directed by Sean Anders and released in 2018.
  7. She is not a full-time actor so when she is not acting she enjoys cheerleading, horseback riding, and playing with her bunny. 
  8. Sarah is an animal lover and owns a pet. And, her dog’s name is Wilma. In her spare time, she likes to play with her dog.
  9. Sarah’s sister is also an actor and her sister is older in the film industry. Sarah’s sister has helped her to grow as an actor as a result, we can clearly observe a mature performance from a teenage actor.
  10. Sarah does not use any form of social media. She is too young to use social media sites.