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Santino Marella Net Worth: Whether Santino Marella is in the ring thrashing his foe or on the desk covering sports news, Santino just never fails to surprise his fans with unbelievable talent and drollness

In more than 11 years of career in wrestling, Marella not only cashed his popularity by influencing hundreds and thousands of youth but also garnering a lucrative amount of net worth that now counts $300 thousand dollars.

And even after retirement from sports, Marella has been working as a sports analyst for Sportsnet 360 which surely has brought a chunk of money to add in the growing net worth of the wrestler.

Santino Marella Age – 45 Years Old

His wrestling may have finished long ago but Santino Marella is still in the news and this time for his remarkable work as a sports analyst.

2 months ago Santino Marella had rung his 45th birthday but it appears that time has stopped for this defending champion as he still looks blistering hot with dashing good looks, suave appearance, and physical sex appeal.

Even at the mid-40s, he has managed to look as fresh and attractive as always with radiant skin tone, full-grown beard, and neat hairdo.

Although he had spent 11 years as a professional wrestler, it really excites his fans to see Marella so fit and muscular with chiseled chest, rock hard abs and biceps built through an explosive workout regimen and strict diet that clearly needs a lot of hard work at the gym.

All about Santino Marella Wife Anna Babij and Daughter


They both are native of Canada and they both share an equal and intense passion for fitness and sports.

So it barely surprises people to see Santino Marella and his wife Anna Babij share great chemistry and affectionate relationship.

Although it’s yet unclear how the two first started dating each other, they have been together for so long and still, the understanding and connection between Santino and his fitness instructor wife hasn’t dwindled at all which makes them the cutest couple with an idyllic relationship.

Intending to keep their love life, the twosome kept their affair hush-hush until the news was confirmed that the two exchanged their wedding vows in an intimate ceremony in 2015.

It’s since then the couple has been living a euphoric life with strong relationship and never-ending bond.

It’s been three years for their marital bliss and the couple has hardly sparked any rumors of irreconcilable differences and misunderstanding.

His longtime partner Anna is a professional bikini fitness competitor and even though she is just as much famous as her wrestler husband, Santino has maintained an aloofness from media.

Santino has a daughter named Bianca who was last time in the news after being crowned the winner of the Miss Teen Ontario-World pageant.

It seems like that his little girl is all grown up now and she has chosen a different path for herself as she barely shows any interest in following the footsteps of her mom and dad.

Santino and his wife Anna Babij is also blessed with an adorable baby boy named Marko who cute pics he has shared on his Instagram.