Sammy Azero is a famous Canadian actor, director, producer, and writer who was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has provided numerous hit films in his career like Sam in Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse (2020), Arman in Easy Land (2019), and Peter in Semblance (2016).
Sammy Azero is a famous Canadian actor, director, producer, and writer who was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has an amazing height of 5 feet 11 inches tall Sammy Azero is known as a private person who does not want to reveal his personal life. So, there is no detail about his parents, siblings. 

Sammy Azero studied his high school at the University of Western Ontario, where he studied Medical Science. Later on, he switched his studies in the art fields. He completed his acting course at Ryerson University.

Sammy Azero started his career from CBS TV series. There he presented the character of Wesley Monroe in "In The Dark". By providing numerous hit films many people appreciated his work and acting. 

After the web series, Sammy Azero was featured in the movies like "Easy Land" and "Midway". Nowadays, Sammy Azero is shooting for Supermassive games and Video games.   

Sammy Azero and Victoriya Moskalyuk were a friend having a strong bond among each other. In 2019 Sammy and Victoriya started dating each other. The couple frequently goes on a vacation. They share their relationship pictures on their Instagram. 

Victoriya Moskalyuk is also a Canadian actress, writer-producer, and cinematographer who was born in Ukraine. Victoriya completed her high schooling in the Bachelor in Business Administration and Theater Minor at Univerisity in Winnipeg. 

Sammy Azero From The Dark Picture Anthology 

 Sammy Azero is actively involved in creating supermassive games and video games. Being an actor, writer and producer he is interested in creating video games. Among them, The Dark Picture Anthology was a famous game of his.

The Dark Picture Anthology is a series of drama survival horror video games that was created by Supermassive Games and released by Bandai Namco Entertainment. The origin of The Dark Picture Anthology was from the 2015 horror-themed game Until Dawn.

The series is planning to include eight more games, where they have released their three games. Men of Medan(2019), Little Hope(2020), and House of Ashes(2021).

Sammy Azero is actively involved in the social media platforms like Instagram, where he posts his pictures from his vacation and daily life. Though Sammy does not have his Wikipedia.