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The celebrated actor known for his acclaimed roles as Sydney Schanberg in “The Killing Fields” as well as Jack McCoy on television series “Law & order”, Sam Waterston was born on November 15, 1940 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. His mother of English ancestry was landscape painter whereas her father, George Chychele Waterston was Scotland immigrant and happens to be a language teacher. Previously, he was the student of Brooks School located at North Andover, Massachusetts. He also was an attendant of Groton School in Groton. He is bachelor degree holder in arts from Yale University located at New Haven, Connecticut. Likewise, he also studied from Sorbonne in Paris. Profound actor and comedian, Sam Waterston Golden Globe Award winning Hollywood personality, was founded to be the holder of property of net worth $15 million dollar.

Speaking of Sam Waterston personal life biography, Sam has been married twice and has four grown-up children. His first marriage in year 1964 with Barbara Rutledge lasted for eleven prolonged years, divorcing in 1975. They had one son named James, who is also known as actor. He has been married with former model, Lynn Louisa Woodruff since 1976. The lovely pair of Sam and Lynn has successfully persistence their marriage for four decade and is sharing a strong relation with each other. Couple is proud parents of three children, Katherine Waterston, Elisabeth Waterston (both are profound actress) and a son, Graham. After going through one nasty divorce, Sam found a profound love with her present wife, Lynn.

With natural looking acting and improvisational performance, Sam got his first start in film with a starring role in the 1965 film “The Plastic Dome of Norma Jean” and made it big with 1967 film “Fitzwilly”, before becoming one of the budding actors of all time. Starting his career as a theater artist, this classically trained persona is credited for several stage works like “Much Ado About Nothing” and “Hamlet”. After being featured in several theater projects, Sam landed an opportunity to star in 1965’s film “The Plastic Dome of Norma Jean”, which was his debut movie. After a handful of films & television roles and upon polishing his acting ability more, Sam landed a breakthrough role as Oliver in 1967’s film “Fitzwilly”. Sam Waterston’s prominent introduction to mainstream audience came as Sydney Schanberg in 1984 British drama film, “The Killing Fields”, for which he garnered several award nomination. Critics highly praised Sam for his portrayal of Lieutenant in 1977 thriller movie, “Capricorn One”. His followed-up acclaimed role as David in year 1986 comedy drama film, “Hannah and Her Sisters” won him equal praise from critics. While he starred on NBC top-rated television sitcom “Law & Order” as Jack McCoy, landed Sam a frequent headlines and also earned him a lavish celebrity status. Apart from Law & Order, Sam also starred with other television roles, comprising “I’ll Fly Away”, “Amazing Stories”, “The Enemy Within” and “Seven Days in May”. On films, Sam has appeared in 1972 “Savage”, 1974 ‘The Great Gatsby”, 1955 “Journey Into Fear”, 1978 “Capricorn One” and 1980 “Heaven’s Gate Hopscotch”. He earned positive critical reviews for his realistic portrayal of Cecil Colson opposite Jeff Brides in 1975 comedy western film “Rancho Deluxe”. Throughout his career, he has played numerous acclaimed both films and television roles, and after six-time Emmy Award nomination alongside winning the Golden Globe & Screen Actors Guild Award, he has been inducted in 2012 American Theater Hall of fame. He longevity in American entertainment industry since 1964, led him to star in 2010 Hollywood Walk of Fame as well. Sam Waterston is an American, admired for his contributions on television, theater and films, whose intense style has brought him acclaim in respective industry. 

Sam Waterston, a globally recognized reputation, the commendable man reported his hobby as performing. Also known for his dedication in directorial and producing projects, Sam Waterston childhood interest of acting, today made him one of the most admired and reputed Hollywood personality. Being one of the talked about and demanded America’s performers, Sam is noted for his acclaimed roles on screen.

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