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Gone are the days of sugar-babies and gold-diggers, these days independent and gorgeous women are dating powerful men while having a crazy thriving career of their own.

And, our beauty queen Sabrina Dhowre is no exceptional as she managed to snag a rich and handsome actor Idris Elba.

Actor of ‘Thor’ is officially off the market and his fiancée Sabrina light up his life, giving major #couplegoals on social media.

So, who exactly is Sabrina Dhowre? What’s their love story? And, of course, how rich is she? Keep scrolling to find more on the model and actress, Sabrina Dhowre!

Sabrina Dhowre Wiki & Bio

Sabrina Dhowre Wikipedia: Unlike her would-be husband, Sabrina Dhowre doesn’t have her Wiki page but her brief bio is readable on a few websites all over the internet.

Sabrina Dhowre is an American woman of color with a budding modeling career, who was crowned the 2014 Miss Vancouver.

However, Sabrina actually dominated the tabloids back in early 2017 when she began dating the 2018’s Sexiest Man Alive Idris Elba.

Idris, who was married twice before, proposed to former beauty queen Sabrina during a screening of his movie ‘Yardie’ on last year February 10 at an East London cinema.

And, the model is all ready to marry the hunk every anytime soon! Stunner Sabrina of Somali ancestry may have a beauty pageant titleholder under her name but she now is famous as the ‘Stringer Bell’ star’s better half.

Sabrina Dhowre Age – 30 Years Old


Former beauty queen Sabrina Dhowre currently age 30, which makes her 16-years junior to her popular actor, Idris Elba, who also happens to be a producer, rapper, musician and director of British nationality.

Born in 1975, the star of ‘Thor: The Dark World’ and ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ is 5-months away from celebrating his 47th birthday on September 6.

Sabrina Dhowre Height – 5 Feet 6 Inches (1.73 m)

The bride-to-be Sabrina Dhowre stands with a height of 5 feet 6 inches with a sexy, curvaceous frame. However, she falls short in front of her 6 feet 2 inches tall man.

Before he got engaged, he was a heartthrob and a million girls were fawning over his killer abs and bulking muscle with undeniable sex appeal.

Sabrina Dhowre Net Worth – Her current fiancé Idris Elba is estimated at $25 Million

Sabrina Dhowre’s current fiance and soon to be husband Idris Elba is estimated at whopping $25 million in 2019. Sabrina Dhowre’s net worth and salary aren’t made official to the public or media yet.

Sabrina Dhowre has been busy making her own identity in the modeling industry. Having been active in the fashion shows and runways since winning the 2014 Miss Vancouver, she might have collected some hefty amount of cash over the years.

Sabrina Dhowre Family

Coming from a multiracial family, Sabrina Dhowre hasn’t revealed single details on her early life, whereabouts, education and the past life before the fame.

The model is all set to marry the father-of-two Idris Elba in 2019 and the couple recently throws lavish hen party. She is flooding her Instagram with pre-wedding glimpse and you can follow her on Instagram to have a glimpse of their upcoming much-awaited wedding.