Ryft Age, Real Name: How Old Is Ryft?

Ryft Age Real Name, Face Reveal Net Worth and Bio

Ryft, an eminent Twitch streamer, revealed his age and real name after much anticipation. He sure is an individual to be curious. Read the article below to clear all the queries.

Ryft is a notable Twitch Star and also a content creator. He claims a YouTube account under the name Ryft. Ryft bagged himself subsequent popularity for the Fortnite editing videos, which he posted on his YouTube channel. 

According to Ryft, the best part about creating content on YouTube is building a loyal community that supports him no matter what.

The feeling of having someone to look back on encourages and motivates him to keep going even in his thins.

Ryft Age: How Old Is He?

With regards to the age, Ryft is 17 years as of today.

He was born on May 12, 2003, in the United States. As of which, he is an American by nationality.

The content creator is of White ethnicity with an astonishing personality.

For now, there is a short bio about him in the public domain. So, we are trying to create a brief yet comprehensive bio through this article.

What Is Ryft Real Name?

According to TubeFilter, Ryft’s real name is Bryan

There he disclosed that he grew up and still lives in Boston. He had a dream of being a content creator since his early age.

He and his friends planned to make content: however, he was the only one who followed through with that plan.

Twitch Star Ryft Face Reveal

After much anticipation, Ryft finally revealed his face to the public.

He posts his YouTube video with his natural face. As he has unveiled his face, everyone can see he stands out in his light blonde hair and grey eyes.

Twitch prodigy has already bagged a golden and silver play button from YouTube, which he posted on his official Instagram account.

Ryft Net Worth: Know His Worth

Ryft has not divulged his net worth. We as well, have not been able to access it in the public domain.

Hence, the net worth is yet to be disclosed and is still under review.

He must have a sound worth with more than a million subscribers and sound views of over 200k on average on every upload.

After having access to the precise figures, we will update you as soon as possible.