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Ryan Mahoney Age, Wiki, Net Worth (Kerry Katona Boyfriend) Family, Bio, Height Facts
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Ryan Mahoney is a British citizen. He is a popular Gym person. He has a good body and lifestyle.

About his career, he seems a model. He has a model like personality. But, it is not confirmed yet. He is health-conscious. He also appears to be a balanced diet kind of a person.

Ryan: Wiki/Bio

Additionally, he is also a gym trainer at the TGS Fitness Studio. The place is best for fitness freaks. The gym has every gym equipment. And many peoples follow its official website “”.

Ryan appears like a person who loves music. And he is linked with Kerry Katona. According to the sources, he is having an affair with the Singer as well as Actor.

Ryan Mahoney Age: 35 to 40 Years old?


Ryan Mahoney’s age is not available for now. But, his girlfriend Kerry is 38 years old. Ryan also seems of a similar age to his girlfriend.

Additionally, he looks quite handsome with his tattoo near his six-pack abs. His hair color is bit brown and the same goes with his beard.

Kerry Katona Boyfriend

Kerry is a 38 years old woman from England. She was born on the 6th of September. She is an actress, singer, and Author. Her genre is mainly Pop and euro-pop. She becomes the highlight of her relationship with Ryan Mahoney. Ryan is most-popular as Kerry Katona Boyfriend.

Additionally, her’s debut album is “Right Now” from the year 1999. Then, she appeared in TV programs like Loose Women, Elimidate, etc.

She played the reality show “big brother” in the 2011 series.

About her personal life, she is married to thrice. She was Married to Mc Fadden in the year 2002. They divorced in the year 2006. Similarly, she married taxi driver Mark Croft.

At the same time, she got into depression and divorced in 2011. Then, she was rehabilitee. After that, she married George Kay.

Then, she was also kept hostage in her own house at Wilmslow, Cheshire. She also had a bipolar disorder in the year 2005.

So, her life was a movie itself. She experienced lots of pain and lots of love. Moreover, her life seem very amazing since she met Ryan.

Ryan Mahoney Net Worth

Ryan Mahoney’s net worth is a mystery for his fans. But, his girlfriend’s net worth is $2 million. She is multitalented. And so, her career is in various fields.

Additionally, her boyfriend in spite of being a gum freak also works at various gyms. He also has a great lifestyle. So, his net worth is also estimated at about a million. But, it is not exactly outside in the media.

Ryan Mahoney’s Height

Ryan does not seem to like the spotlight. So the most basic details of him are mysterious. Thus, Ryan’s height is not available. Unlike, his girlfriend’s height is 5ft and 2 inches.

Ryan’s Family

Ryan Mahoney‘s is not available in media for now. But, his celebrity girlfriend is Kerry Katona. The couple is likely to marry soon.

According to the sources, Kerry is unlucky in case of love. After three marriages, she has five children.

Now, she feels complete with Ryan. And think, it would last longer than their life.