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YouTubers have been making waves on the internet for several years now. Some of them have been able to promote their YouTube image to a worldwide franchise. With more than 14 million subscribers on YouTube, YouTuber Ryan Higa’s nigahiga ranks among the most popular channels on the video sharing site. Higa, who has been operating his YouTube channel since July 20, 2006, is a phenomenal comedian and actor. Born on June 5, 1990, the Japanese American internet sensation has been taking the world by storm with his humorous sketches and brilliantly planned videos in which he is sometimes seen portraying a number of characters.

This twenty something YouTuber is originally from Hilo, Hawaii and is now currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada where he lives with his frequent collaborator Sean Fujiyoshi. The long time friends started posting funny videos on YouTube while they attended Waiakea High School in 2006 where they lip-synced to songs. High school was a tough time for Higa where he was bullied on a regular basis and he often found himself isolated from his peers. At home he was always outshined by his elder brother, Kyle Higa, who is a Judo prodigy and would always be the centre of attention. At this point in life, Higa was introduced to wrestling which would help him change his life. He went on to become the state champion in wrestling and second in state in Judo by the time he finished high school in 2008. During this time, his YouTube channel was gaining more and more views which encouraged Higa to keep posting regular comedy sketches on the site. He was in a relationship with Tarynn Nago, who also appeared in a few of his videos, until 2009. Higa also decided to drop out of University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he was a sophomore to focus on his YouTube career.

Higa initially meant to post videos on YouTube for just his family to watch but as time went by he noticed that several other people were watching his videos on his channel. His frequent collaborators were Sean Fujiyoshi, Tim Enos, Kyle Chun, Tarynn Nago and Ryan Villaruel. How To Be Emo and How To Be Gangster were two of his earliest videos to become popular. Often his videos had to be taken down because of copyright issues, so he began composing his own music. By December 2010, his channel had amassed 3 million subscribers becoming the most subscribed channel on YouTube. He began collaborating with several other YouTubers on his channel which helped increase his fan base. In 2008, he released Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure and a short film titled Ninja Melk was released in 2009. An independent film co-created with Wong Fu Productions titled Agents of Secret Stuff was released on the channel in 2010. The film starred Ryan Higa, Aki Aleong, Arden Cho and had special appearances from Smosh, KassemG and D-Trix. Over the years, Higa has also guest appeared in several of other YouTubers’ videos including The Fine Brothers’  popular YouTubers React series.  Some of his collaborators over the years are Smosh, Miranda Sings, Superwoman, Kevjumba etc. In 2011, another channel HigaTV was created where extra videos, blogs and bloopers were posted. By May 2015, Higa TV had more than 3.2 million subscribers. Higa appeared as a judge on the Internet Icon series in 2012. That year, he founded Ryan Higa Production Company with Sean Fujiyoshi and currently all of his videos are produced under the label. Recently, Higa surpassed 14 million subscribers on his nigahiga channel and has gathered over 2 billion total views.

Also recently, Higa introduced the TeeHee: Official Ryan Higa App on both iPhone and Android markets. Higa has obtained a huge following on social media with 1.4 million followers on Instagram and 1.62 million followers on Twitter.