The Russian blue cat is common in many households. People like how gentle the feline is among other things.

Russian Blue Cat Quick Facts

Scientific Name: Felis catus

Origin: Arkhangelsk

Weight: 8 to 15 pounds

Height: Avg. 10 inches

Lifespan: 10 to 20 years

Habitat: Adapted for winter

Fun Fact: The silvery fur on the cat is as a result of a unique gene that is responsible for black hairs.

 Some of the untold truths about this cat breed include:

Most popular cats are crossbreeds. The reason behind this is that people try to make cats better. This can be through eliminating their proneness to disease or the need to mix and match some genes.

Its originality and lack of crossbreeding are one of the reasons why the Russian blue cat is special. This cat is completely natural. A simple way to put it is that nature had it that way.

It is one of the few natural cats left in the world. This is surprising, considering the fact that this breed was almost wiped out during World War II. Yet, somehow, it still survived. The Russian blue cat is loved by many mostly because of its natural traits.

It is easy to maintain as a pet since it does not demand a lot of the owner. Getting yourself an all-natural cat would lead you to the beautiful Russian blue cat.